Jiangxi Xiushui port is accused of gas meter cheating: more than 400 thousand gas bills in 1 years

Jiangxi Xiushui port is accused of gas meter cheating: more than 400 thousand gas bills in 1 years

Original title: "over 1 years more than 40 million gas bills". Jiangxi Xiushui Hong Kong was accused of gas meter "cheating"

The gas flow meter that detected the problem is still there. Jiangxi Kangshun Thermal Porcelain Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jiangxi Kangshun) factory building in an inconspicuous corner, it has been sealed with a seal. On July 26, 2018, Xu Heyu, chairman of Jiangxi Kangshun, said he even built a strong iron fence around the watch to prevent it from being stolen.

Xu Heyu said that, since 2014, Xiushui Hong Kong China Gas Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Hong Kong, Hong Kong and China) changed the gas meter of "gas mass flowmeter" produced by Shenzhen Zhuo Du Metrology Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shenzhen Zhuo). His company's gas fee for one year should be more than 40 million yuan.

In May 2015, Jiangxi Kangshun applied to be presided over by the former Xiushui County Quality and Technology Supervision and Administration Bureau, and Xiushui County Notary Office participated in the comparative measurement test. Jiangxi Kang Shun used the purchase of the pry assembly equipment, buy a tank tank truck liquefied natural gas access to the Zhuo Hong Kong, Hong Kong and China installation of the Zhuo flowmeter test, and camera photography. The test results show that 20.32 tons of liquefied natural gas, according to the gasification rate of 1452 cubic meters per ton, should be 29504 cubic meters, but the Shenzhen Zhuo mass flowmeter is shown to be 38448 cubic meters. Xu Heyu said, this means that the Shenzhen Zhuo Du gas flow meter has more than 8944 cubic meters.

Public information shows that Xiushui Hong Kong and China and Shenzhen Zhuo are listed in the same listed company - Hongkong Zhonghua gas group, two "brothers" company a gas sale, a manufacturing meter measurement. Xu Heyu thought, "the two brothers have a suspicion of cheating together."

As the gas metering dispute between Jiangxi and Hong Kong is becoming more and more hot, Liu Yunlong, the former executive and marketing manager of the Hong Kong Shui Hong Kong, said, "Wang Wanfeng (director of Shenzhen's Zhuo sales) told me that the meter was raised by 9% by the former general manager Lu Xingfu.

This makes the local gas and industrial and commercial users of the Xiushui port fall into a general concern about the "regulation" storm. Jiangxi "Gan merchant" magazine reported that the Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited has about 20000000 gas users in the country and more than 10 thousand gas merchants with the same amount of Jiangxi Kang Shun. It is probably the tip of the iceberg to increase the flow rate of the meter. If Hong Kong and Chinese gas is also quietly "cheating" on the flow meters of other gas users in China, the illegal benefits obtained by Jiangxi's Chinese gas will be an astronomical figure, according to the results of a year's measurement of about 500000 yuan.

In August 26, 2017, Jiangxi Kang Shun appealed the matter to the Jiujiang intermediate people's court, but because the measurement regulations of our country did not directly support the result of the contrast test as the legal basis, Jiangxi Kang Shun still need to find the authority to measure the gas meter. However, because the measurement of gas meter in the industry with water and air as the medium, and the lack of natural gas flow calibration mechanism in China, the road of Jiangxi Kang Shun has been in a lot of difficulties.

Query on the enterprise of gas flow index anomaly

In March 26, 2014, Jiangxi Kang Shun and Hong Kong, Hong Kong and China renewed the contract for gas supply, and replaced the gas meter into a "gas mass flowmeter" produced by Shenzhen Zhuo. Xu Heyu said that before the Jiangxi Kang Shun has been using the "gas intelligent Roots flowmeter".

Liu Guobin, general manager of Hong Kong and China, told heavy case group 37, from 2011 to 2014, Jiangxi Kang Shun used the "gas intelligent Roots flowmeter" for the first use of gas and meter reading, during the supply period, due to Jiangxi Kang Shun arrears of gas, a total of 79 thousand and 900 yuan. After renewing the gas supply contract between Xiushui Ganghua and Jiangxi Kangshun, the gas meter was replaced by the "gas mass flowmeter" produced by Shenzhen Zhuo De. This form is gas for the first payment.

Xu Heyu said that after changing his form, he suspected that there was something wrong with the meter in Shenzhen. In May 2014, Xu Heyu sent the Shenzhen Zhuo MF65GD100 mass flow meter to be replaced by the Hubei provincial Metrology Institute for measurement. The flowmeter was unqualified and the error value was -6.5%, and the test was qualified by the Jiangxi Metrology Institute before installation. This result deepened Xu Heyu's doubts about gas meters.

Liu Guobin said to the heavy case group 37, because the test results showed a negative index, can be understood as "the slow pace of the table", water repair, Hong Kong and China to less gas as the reason, required Kang Shun pay gas, but was refused by Kang Shun. After consultations between the two sides, in June 12, 2014, Xiushui port changed second mass flowmeters for Kang Shun. This watch is also tested by Jiangxi Institute of Metrology and testing.

The change process was described by the Jiujiang quality and Technology Supervision Bureau report center reported in 2016 by the Jiujiang Quality Supervision Bureau. "The installation of the gas quality flow time shows that the quality flowmeter is less than one lead seal (two normal cases). When the meter was installed, the installer installed the meter at the borrowing (connecting) port of the original meter and did not install the mass flowmeter as required by the specification.

After the irregular installation, Xu Heyu continued to question the new index. By March 2015, Jiangxi Kang Shun stopped using water supply in Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong and China, and spent more than 60 million yuan to purchase mobile pry equipment. It was used to buy liquefied natural gas from Kunlun oil in Hubei. Xu Heyu revealed that the previous use of water, Hong Kong, Hong Kong and China is 4.7 yuan per cubic meter, but the current use of all gas costs is only 2.97 yuan per cubic meter.

Compare and test the gas meter of Hong Kong and China 28% more

In order to confirm the problem of second pieces of mass flow meter, in May 2015, Jiangxi Kang Shun applied for the quality and Technical Supervision Bureau of Xiushui County, and the notary department of Xiushui county participated in the measurement contrast test. Kangshun, Jiangxi Province, used self-purchased skidding equipment, purchased a tank truck of liquefied natural gas (LNG) connected to the second dramatic flowmeter for testing, and took full-range photographs. The test results show that 20.32 tons of liquefied natural gas, according to the gasification rate of 1452 cubic meters per ton, should be 29504 cubic meters, but the second Shenzhen mass flowmeter shows 38448 cubic meters. Xu Heyu said, this means that the Shenzhen Zhuo Du gas flow meter has more than 8944 cubic meters.

In September 24, 2015, the Jiangxi provincial metrology and testing institute and the original Xiushui county quality and Technical Supervision Bureau as arbitration parties, Jiangxi Kang Shun and water repair and Hong Kong, Hong Kong and China signed the "agreement on the arbitration of gas measurement instruments in Hong Kong, Hong Kong and China". The agreement provides a contrastive test of a gas intelligent Roots flowmeter and a Zhuo mass flowmeter in series installed by Jiangxi Kang Shun, which is certified by the Jiangxi provincial metrology and testing institute.

In October 21st, after 10 days of comparison test, the gas mass flowmeter measured 4566.52 cubic meters more than the gas intelligent Roots flowmeter, and the error rate was 28%. This test result was confirmed by the signature of Xiushui port.

Li Wanjun, deputy stationmaster of Chengdu branch of National Petroleum and natural gas measurement station, told the number 37 of the heavy case group, assuming that there were no problems in two tables. Even if all the factors were taken into account, the error values of the two table index should not exceed 5%. In contrast to the 28% difference between the two tables, "at least one of the tables is out of order."

Li Wanjun explained that Roots flowmeter is recognized in the industry by external factors less interference flowmeter, and the operation principle of mass flowmeter is different. Under the premise of qualification, the accuracy of Roots flowmeter is reliable in short period. The mass flowmeter is easy to be affected by the physical parameters such as impurities, temperature, and installation conditions. If the quality problem of Roots flowmeter can be ruled out in the above comparative test, it is more likely that the mass flowmeter will have problems.

According to the report on the complaint case reported by the Jiujiang quality and Technology Supervision Bureau report center, after the conclusion of the above comparison test, the Hong Kong, Hong Kong and China "acknowledged the problems of its own existence". Hong Kong, Hong Kong and China said that in June 12, 2014, the second mass mass flowmeter, which was replaced by Jiangxi Kang Shun, was "a case of error caused by incorrect installation of employee work."

"Adjusting table" Luo Sheng gate

Shortly after the comparative test conducted in October 2015, dramatic events took place throughout the incident. Liu Yunlong, former administrator and marketing manager of Xiushui Harbor, told Xu He-yu that the quality flowmeters installed in Xiushui Harbor were cheating.

Liu Yunlong revealed to the 37 case of the heavy crime squad that he was fully responsible for the above comparative tests. Shocked by the 28% difference in the test results on October 21, he immediately asked Wang Wanfeng, the Shenzhen sales director, why.

"Wang Wanfeng told me that the table was raised by 9% by former general manager Lu Xingfu, the former general manager of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China, and told me that the up-regulation of the watch could not be detected by a general test. He said that the table has two systems. A mass flow meter is a methane molecular measurement by capturing natural gas. When the detection is removed, the general detection mechanism uses air as the medium to detect the gas. The test will automatically jump to the air detection program and the result will be normal. Liu Yunlong said.

Liu Yunlong then reported Wang Wanfeng's story to Wang Yi, the current general manager of Xiushui Harbor China, which also aroused the other side's shock and anger. Liu Yunlong recalled, Wang Yi said: "Now you and I say what these are useful, I knew it would not be compared, the big deal is that we do not want this user."

In December 23, 2015, Liu Yunlong voluntarily called Wang Wanfeng to mention the situation of "adjusting the watch" again. According to Liu Yunlong's voice recording, Liu Yunlong asked, "last time you told me about 9% of the parameters, the rest of the company didn't know, didn't you say it to anyone else?" The other side replied: "absolutely impossible to let others know, ah, this do not say ah, others do not know." Liu Yunlong said: "I am worried that the government departments are now out to do this checklist, I am worried about detection problems." The other side replied: "this is not afraid, we have to deal with this side, you can rest assured."

Shortly thereafter, Liu Yunlong informed Xu Heyu of the above situation and then submitted his resignation to Xiushui port. Xu Heyu believes that the insider's "burst" can confirm that he has been fraudulent, in addition, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China and Shenzhen Zhuo belong to the Hongkong Chinese gas company, the incident has two brothers joint cheating.

In August 2017, Jiangxi Kangshun and Xiushui Ganghua filed a lawsuit against gas metering disputes. Liu Yunlong testified in court, but Wang Wanfeng did not appear in court at the request of the court. Wang Wanfeng, Lu happiness and Xiushui port almost denied everything to Liu Yunlong, causing the incident to fall into Luo Sheng men.

Wang Wanfeng told the case number 37 on the phone that Liu Yunlong's "one-sided view" is not credible. In response to the call, Wang Wanfeng said, "I haven't heard about the recording in detail. I did not give any affirmative opinion about what Liu Yunlong said. Lu happiness also denied the adjustment on the phone: "I am not a boss. How can I tell people how much to tune?"

Xiushui believes that the authenticity and consistency of recording evidence

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