The Chinese army takes the top three of the "sole player" of the "Su wolf" assault.

The Chinese army takes the top three of the

In August 1st, the surging news reporter learned from the Korla race area that in the already finished "Su ROV assault" team race, the Chinese Army ginseng Racer team took the top three, and realized the title.

This year is the second time that the "Su wolf" has been held in China. A total of 7 countries participated in the event this year, and four teams of teams were sent to each team, of which three teams were required to complete the competition.

The "Su wolf" assault mainly tests the level of skills and tactics of all countries. The competition is conducted on a closed track with a length of 4.3 km to determine the ranking by completion time. Eleven groups of obstacles are set up on the track, and the multiple targets at 500-1500 meters are fired by machine guns and parallel machine guns respectively while the multiple teams are crossing the obstacles.

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