European leaders open up holiday mode, but many of them are not happy.

European leaders open up holiday mode, but many of them are not happy.

Original title: Why are European leaders not happy to start the "holiday mode"?

For Europeans, summer can almost be equated with holidays. Every 7 and August, the European people start the "holiday mode" and enjoy their leisure time.

Leaders are no exception. Most European leaders will liberate themselves from the "national affairs" during the summer vacation. But this summer vacation, many big guys are not happy.

Aunts twined by "off Europe"

The first unhappy British Prime Minister, Teresa may.

In a year of political turmoil and in the wake of the whirlpool, Aunt Mei is in urgent need of a holiday.

At the end of July, Aunt May arranged for a three week holiday with her husband, Philip, for a few days in Italy, and then to Switzerland for two weeks.

However, Italy's leisurely vacation has not yet been enjoyed for several days, but Aunt Mei has been severely criticized in China. The British House of Commons said that the prime minister has been silent on immigration issues, which is not conducive to the progress of Britain's de European process.

Meanwhile, according to the Daily Express, many cabinet ministers are eager to replace the prime minister.

Besides, Aunt Mei's vacation may not be over.

According to the times, this Friday, at the invitation of French President machiaolon, Aunt May will go to southern France to talk to Ma Kelong in order to win Ma's support for its blueprint.

Aunt Mei will quickly shift from the "holiday mode" to "work mode" and rejoin the EU negotiations.

In fact, Aunt Mei's summer vacation this year was doomed to be a tragedy. Aunt Mei and her cabinet ministers had to run all over Europe to seek support.

Before the vacation began, Aunt May met with Austrian Prime Minister Kurtz and Czech Prime Minister Barbish to win their support for his plan to leave Europe.

The sun called it "a trip to Europe".

"Internal anxiety and external suffering" Merkel

The second unhappy man is Merkel, the German Chancellor.

In fact, Merkel cancelled her "fixed vacation trip" this year, after nine consecutive years of hiking in the Italian Alps.

According to the daily telegraph, since 2008, Merkel has been enjoying a rare holiday with her husband, Joachim Sauer, at a four star hotel in Soleda, South Tyrol, Italy.

But this year, only Merkel's husband, shor and his ex-wife's son, went on holiday together. Merkel did not travel together.

According to the daily telegraph, this change may mean that Germany is heading towards the end of an era.

Indeed, in recent months, Merkel faced the biggest crisis since his reign. The Merkel administration was faced with a breakup after the German interior minister threatened to resign after a split over immigration.

Although Merkel finally maintained her power through a certain degree of compromise, her personal authority was greatly reduced.

A poll on Sunday showed Merkel's Conservative coalition approval ratings fell to the lowest level in 12 years, Reuters reported.

This makes Merkel's sense of crisis more intense. According to German media speculation, Merkel cancelled the "routine" holiday plan because she dared not leave Berlin at this sensitive period, to face domestic and foreign crises.

In July 25th, Merkel and her husband, Shor, joined the Bayreuth Music Festival in Bavaria. Merkel, a green skirt, looked very relaxed with a smile on his face.

I wonder if Merkel, a strong woman, is already ready to deal with the crisis.

The support rate of the horse is down to the lowest

French President Mucklow has not been happy recently.

The bodyguard beat up the crowd in France for more than a month, although this Tuesday MC won two "bodyguard scandals" vote of distrust, but its support rate was deeply affected to the lowest in history.

But his summer vacation has not yet started, and he has been criticized for many times.

In June, Mark and his wife, Bridget, asked for a private swimming pool in the presidential summer resort of Burgun Sonburg to avoid being photographed on a nearby beach.

The plan, as soon as it was disclosed, has triggered criticism from the domestic people that the president is becoming more extravagant for reducing the welfare of the poor (10 euro housing subsidies per month).

Coupled with the previous Elysee Palace for "high-grade tableware" to spend 50 thousand euros, the voice of folk criticism has become increasingly serious.

Since 1968, brig has been the official summer resort of the French president. Ma Kelong took the vacation last year when he took office, but they thought the castle was a bit old-fashioned and wanted to be repaired again.

This week, he will go to summer in Brig. Meanwhile, Teresa May will be invited to visit Burton fortress on Friday.

Teresa may will be the first visitor to the new swimming pool of Mak long.

It seems that there are many European holidays, but it is not easy for leaders to take a vacation.

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