From rainy night to rescue people, smashing cars and beating people, heroic drivers arrested in the country

From rainy night to rescue people, smashing cars and beating people, heroic drivers arrested in the country

Source: Red Star News

Original title: saving people from rainy night to hit cars and hit people! Heroic drivers in the country are being arrested for provocation and trouble.

In July 31st, when the police found a suspected provocation, he found that the suspect Jiang was a "hero", and now he was arrested by law.

In 2012, in the rainy night to save people, Jiang XX in 2013 was rated as a national heroic hero, in Meishan, Sichuan, local taxi drivers are called "hero of the river", in ordinary days, he set up a love convoy, leading the team of more than 50 brothers to find lost, free of charge to the college entrance examination students, looking for children and so on, help people. In the middle of the crisis, the harvest of all kinds of honor.

After the halo of "hero", Jiang and XX were more heated up and stood up in the industry. He and he and he and so on worked out the rules of the industry, but let the motorcade override the rules. The people in the team don't carry the watch.

In order to establish his prestige and increase his voice, he was also suspected of provocation and extortion for many times. As early as February this year, he was arrested for beating others for 9 days in administrative detention. For this matter, the police said: "we do not deny that he has done good deeds, but the facts of crimes can not be ignored either."

From honor to "privilege"

2012 rainy night to save heroes, build love team

Jiang XX, which is about to usher in the 41 year birthday, is undoubtedly the top pillar of his family. His mother is more than 70 years old. He has two children. Jiang XX and his divorced wife take one, and the family economic conditions are not superior.

At 4 in the morning of July 26, 2012, it was raining heavily. Jiang XX started from MeiShan Railway Station and sent a passenger to Hongya. Suddenly, a motorbike in front of him fell to the left of the road. Two middle-aged men, about forty or fifty years old, were lying on the ground and not moving. There is no time to think about it. In the heavy rain, Jiang Moumou stopped the raincoat to cover the injured person and called the alarm telephone. After being moved by Jiang and so on, the passengers called the mayor's hotline for their "merit".

In 2013, Jiang was awarded a heroic driver of the tenth "Kunlun Award", sponsored by China's righteous foundation and China Petroleum and Natural Gas Corporation (CNPC).

In 2014, Jiang and XX set up a love convoy. In the group, dozens of members of the group were taxi drivers, almost every day, there was a case of helping people looking for things, sometimes even more than one day. Jiang said that the most frequently lost taxis are suitcases, mobile phones and wallets, and students' schoolbags are more common.  

As for this, Jiang said to the media, "I didn't mean to do good things on purpose. It was subconscious, and I thought I was doing what everyone should do."

Every time when the elderly ride, Jiang in addition to upper and lower support also actively waived the fare of the elderly, at the beginning, many people do not understand. Faced with some questions, Jiang said at that time: "the elderly people are not easy, I can help a car, I can help this day, today, less than a few trains to run tomorrow."

Under the influence of Jiang Moumou, some drivers joined in the free transfer of the elderly. After the formation of the convoy, Jiang and others used walkie-talkies and Wechat clubs to do charity, and other people in the convoy had difficulties Jiang also actively went to help.

Later, another prestigious car owner, he and so, became the WeChat group of the love convoy, and gothin joined in. At this time, Jiang has had the right to speak in the taxi industry, even in WeChat to help deal with some traffic accidents and start fighting, and other drivers of the team. I'll go.

Beatings and provocation, want to be the boss of the industry

Police introduced, in the evening of August 22, 2015, taxi driver Wang XXX driving a taxi in Meishan Hangzhou North Road Xingguang road outside the road outside the Xingguang road with Jiang XX, Han a vehicle had a traffic accident. To find the compensation of Chiang, XX, and Han, the two sides had a quarrel when they talked about the price of compensation. After that, he and so, Jiang, Mou and others began to beat out Chiang, Mou and Han.

In this way, Jiang and others went farther and farther away from the original intention of setting up a loving convoy.

"By the end of the season, the main objective of the team was to establish a bullying position throughout the industry." Wang Zhiying, the police of the Meishan Dongpo District Public Security Bureau, said that he and others set up a taxi company. Although it is known as the taxi driver's own company, every taxi driver is a shareholder, no longer the control of the taxi company and no longer pay the related management and fee, but in fact, he is actually a taxi company. People have changed their minds: they want to manage the industry, establish prestige in the industry, become the boss, enjoy the right to speak.

Jiang and some others set up some of the rules in the industry, but they were allowed to set up love convoys above the rules. When the passengers were loaded, no watch was often made, but no one dared to stop his car, because he was a "brother old man" in this industry. Everyone was afraid of him, only he stopped a car, no one dared to stop it. His car.

With more and more voice, for some of the chaos in the local taxi industry, Jiang and others even began to pretend to be law enforcers. Police said that in addition to many provocation, Jiang and other extortion experience.

Jiang Mou also speaks bluntly, because everyone knows the wine driving is illegal, after being caught to shut up, "we deliberately hit the driver's car, the driver certainly won't call the police, and then call them to lose money, he dare not lose, and will also be more than a little."

Confession: introspection, no understanding of the law

Arguing that he "loves people too much"

A few days ago, in the guardian, the Red Star News reporter saw Jiang and Mou, even if he had already entered the detention center, Jiang and XX still argued that some of the things that had been identified were for the purpose of help.

"I have been keeping this title," he said. "I have been keeping this title, whether it is 110 or 120. I have played a lot of times a year. I have to drink drunk and destroy the railings. I don't believe you go."

From the heroic driver to this step, Jiang said that he was "helping people too much" at the beginning. "Like the star avenue, I went to help." At this time, the police asked him: "Others did not call you to help, they have negotiated the price of compensation, the other side has taken the money, what are you going to? Then what was he and a certain driver trying to blackmail and drink?

In this regard, Jiang Mou said this matter (extortion) a little ungrateful heart, a little guilty, "after all, it is illegal, Dante found me again and again, so it was done." I didn't expect it to be so serious. "

"That's the thing that you hit on the north of the city?" The police asked again.

Jiang Moumou argued: "I'm not talking about who I want to fight, but sometimes I happen to." I just want to communicate, let them apologize. "

"Communication? Why didn't you ask if you met? Facing the questioning of the police, Jiang XX explained, "he did it (a female passenger), I also have a daughter, he is the failure of the taxi industry, I want to manage the industry well."

When talking about the reason why he took the street to block the car, Jiang said that, because that time, the local taxi industry does not play the watch more phenomenon, "we would like to borrow the night this thing, using the way to the road to stop the car in Meishan taxi cabs do not watch the phenomenon. I knew it was illegal when I went, but what happened that day and so on all cried out, and if I didn't go, how could I hang around here in the future? After that, for many times because of car accidents, disputes and other hands-on beating people, Jiang Mou-mou all argued that they are to maintain order, to solve matters.

Heard here, the police again asked him: "you do a good job on the alarm call, the accident in the industry, disputes, and so on, why do not call the alarm phone?"

"It's wrong to hit a man, and I'm reflecting on it, too."

Jiang is no longer sophistry. He said, "at the beginning of this year, when I was detained for 9 days, the police gave us lessons and chatted, and I deeply realized that we did not have the power of law enforcement and lack of legal knowledge. Although I have done a lot of good deeds, but the starting point and the result are different, I was also reflecting on this period.

At the end of the day, Jiang said something like this: "I have brought great harm to the public. It is wrong to hit people, but I also participated in beating people."

In this regard, the police said that in a few fighting or conflict, if Jiang and some other people do not get to the scene, the two sides can not get up, and will not cause such a bad impact. "They went, not only did they not solve things, but expanded things. Because of its dominance in the market, many managers and drivers in the industry are not satisfied with him.

In the police investigation, including the people who come to report the case, three to 40% of the people are worried that Jiang and other people will retaliate themselves after they come out. Five taxi companies in Meishan City, talking about love convoys and he and so, Jiang and so on, are also afraid and hate. For this reason, the police have done a lot of arduous and meticulous work, and have grasped the relevant evidence.

At present, the case is under further trial.

Responsible editor: Gui Qiang

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