America wants to legalize 3D printing guns, and everyone can build guns?

America wants to legalize 3D printing guns, and everyone can build guns?

Original title: the United States wants to legalize 3D printing guns, and everyone can build guns?

If 3D prints a gun, if it is legal, it means that anyone who owns a computer and 3D printer can build a gun freely. Such an idea is horrible, but Americans should turn this idea into reality.

3D printing of firearm waves

After several years of lawsuits with the U.S. Department of Justice, the open source organization for 3D printing guns, the two sides reached a settlement at the end of June. The US Department of justice has ruled that from August 1st this year, the 3D print design of firearms will be recognized legally in the United States.

This means that when anyone downloads a blueprint for a 3D printing gun, it can make parts directly with a 3D printer, and then the 3D gun is less powerful than a real gun.

In July 30th, 8 states, including Washington, New York, New Jersey, and Washington collectively prosecuted the federal government, and sought to enact a nationwide temporary injunction to prevent 3D print gun drawings from uploading.

The Attorney General of Washington, Bob Ferguson, launched the collective action. In a statement, he asked the federal government, "why do you allow dangerous criminals to get arms easily?"

In July 31st, American district judge Robert Lasnik agreed to postpone the plan to distribute the 3D print gun drawings on the Internet and plan to hold a hearing in August 10th.

However, at present, it is only "postponed" release, no one can predict the final result.

Why did 3D printing guns cause such a big disturbance in the United States? What kind of security threat does it cause?

A contest with the government

As early as May 2013, Texas gun inventor Wilson launched the world's first 3D printing pistol, "the liberator", and uploaded the plastic pistol drawings to the Internet and opened the public for download.

A week after the drawings were published, the State Department came to the door and asked Wilson to delete the online drawings immediately or face prosecution.

According to "USA today," before Wilson withdrew, the image had been downloaded more than 100 thousand times. It can be seen that 3D printing guns are very market.

Unconvinced, Wilson set up the nonprofit "Distributed Defense" in May 2015 and took the government to court.

He argued that the government's prohibition of publishing 3D pistol prints on the Internet was a serious violation of the first amendment to the United States Constitution, the right to protect the freedom of speech, and to deprive the American people of the right to hold guns.

For more than 3 years, Wilson won in June this year, and the 3D print gun tutorial was approved as "publicly released in any form".

The website of the "distributed defense" website states: "in August 2018, the era of downloadable guns will officially begin."

A stone stirs up a thousand layers of waves. Democrats in the United States have issued tough words, saying that if Trump does not stop 3D printing guns, his hands will be stained with blood.

Trump's position is ambiguous, he said in Twitter:

"I'm investigating 3D plastic guns, and I've talked to the NRA, and it doesn't seem to make much sense."

Ferguson, Attorney General of Washington state, said: "this decision is unconstitutional, illegal and frankly frightening. No matter whether age, mental health or whether there is a criminal record, anyone can get (drawings).

Although the relevant issues concerning the legalization of 3D printing guns are being postponed, the "distributed defense" organization is still very insistent. According to the Associated Press, lawyers for the Distributed Defense group said states had the freedom to make gun control measures and "we will fight to the end".

3D how dangerous is the gun?

1. Not tracked

According to the Washington Post, anyone can learn to make the so-called "ghost gun" when the drawings for 3D printing guns are published on the Internet.

A ghost gun is a gun that cannot be traced, registered, and has no serial number.

Adam Winkler, a law professor at the University of California at Los Angeles, said that the operation of the ghostly gun was made public, and it could also make the criminals and the domestic violence a weapon.

According to the Associated Press, the American Library Association says there are about 250 libraries in the United States that offer 3D printers that can be used by the general public. This makes it easier for 3D to print guns.

2. Difficulty in identifying security equipment

According to CNN, ordinary people can print plastic guns at home according to the drawings, and their power is not inferior to that of metal guns. For example, Wilson 3D's first gun "liberator", except for the needle, all the components are 3D printed plastic.

Two journalists from the British Sunday post have tried to download the 3D print pistol "liberator" from the Internet and buy a 3D printer from the Internet.

They took only 36 hours to print all the 16 parts of the pistol, and then, guided by the design, soon put them into a plastic pistol that was capable of firing small caliber bullets.

Many security experts worry that plastic guns made by 3D printers can escape metal detectors and appear in public places such as airports.

Moreover, 3D printing parts can be assembled and customized, which poses a great challenge to the identification of traditional security equipment. Once the identification fails, these parts can be assembled in different places and cause an unexpected safety risk.

3. Aid "one wolf" type of terror attack

Now, with the haze of terrorism lingering, 3D printing undoubtedly provides a new choice for terrorists.

The Strategic Research Corporation, the Strategic Research Corporation, in May, published a research report called "2040's manufacturing: a powerful force and a destructive threat". The report's chief author and political scientist, Trevor Johnston, said that if individuals could also use a 3D printer to make guns, the "single wolf" type of fear was in fear. Terrorist attacks may become more deadly.

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