Southwest Petroleum University 4 Dead identity confirmation before the last exposure

Southwest Petroleum University 4 Dead identity confirmation before the last exposure

Source: Chengdu commercial newspaper

Original title: Southwest Petroleum University 4 Dead teachers and students identity confirmation, the last image exposure

At about 19 hours in July 30th, a 5 - person geological examination team of Southwest Petroleum University, in Wensu County, Akesu, Xinjiang, was unfortunate to encounter debris flow, which resulted in the death of 4 people including instructors and 1 injured. The pictures provided by Southwest Petroleum University showed that there were many ravines and canyons in the area where they visited before the accident.

After the accident, Southwest Petroleum University dispatched a working group to the local area to carry out disposal work at the first time. The injured had stable vital signs and no life danger.

Ending the geological practice teaching in Mount Emei and going to Xinjiang again

Never thought, "go is to leave"

Chengdu Business Daily reporter learned that, at present, 4 dead bodies of teachers and students have been found.

By identification, the victims were:

Li Shiqin, a teacher of the College of Geoscience and technology, is 38 years old this year. He is now an associate professor and master of the College of Geoscience and technology at the Southwest Petroleum University. He is mainly engaged in teaching and scientific research related to tectonic geology. The main research direction is complex structural deformation, salt construction and activity structure.

The graduate student Huang XXX, female, 23 years old;

The graduate student Wang, male, 24 years old;

The graduate student Liu XXX, female, 24 years old.

In addition, the injured student was a graduate student Hu Mou, male, 24 years old. After treatment, Hu's vital signs were stable.

It is understood that the leading teacher Li Shiqin from Yunnan Zhaotong county. On July 10, just after the end of school teaching, Mr. Li led undergraduate students to Mount Emei to carry out a two-week field geological practice teaching. On July 25, she led four graduate students to Wensu County in Aksu, Xinjiang, for field geological investigation. She never thought that this was a farewell.

Public information shows that Li Shiqin was admitted to the petroleum and natural gas geological exploration specialty of Southwest Petroleum University in 1997. In 2004, she was a graduate student in structural geology from Zhejiang University. After graduating from his doctorate in 2009, he returned to Southwest Petroleum University, mainly engaged in teaching and scientific research related to tectonic geology.  

Remember the death teacher:

The final circle of friends in the field

Recalled his teacher, Southwest Petroleum University student Wang Lei (a pseudonym) to conceal sadness. "She is really too competitive. She is the most dedicated teacher in my eyes. She is very kind and responsible to the students. If you have any questions, she will answer them patiently and carefully until you understand them.

Li Shiqin, an associate professor at the Southwest Petroleum University, said in a tribute to micro-blog that, since she took part in the work, with her profound professional knowledge and rigorous teaching style, she was diligent and hard to work on. Teacher Li Shiqin gave her limited life to her love of geological science and higher education. Her departure made us sad. Southwest Petroleum University lost a vanguard model of teaching and educating people. The students lost a good teacher and a good teacher.

Mr. Wang was very impressed by Mr. Li Shiqin's field work in Emeishan last year. "Mr. Li was very hard on scientific research. We were still interacting with friends in the last few days. The last message of her circle of friends was in the field of information. I really didn't expect that she had gone."

Recalling the victims of the victims:

She is an excellent, memorable girl.

"I want to tell her that I hope she can achieve all her wishes in another part of the world." This is the last grief of a friend of the dead girl, Huang, and so. "I didn't think that in July 23rd, I had to be the last side of each other, 23 years old, and a wonderful life."

In the eyes of classmates and friends, Huang classmate, who was unlucky, is a versatile and well educated child. Everyone said, "simple, lovely, very simple."

According to friends, Huang is a very outstanding girl. She is smart and quick to learn anything. Not only did the professional achievement of the postgraduate entrance examination become the first place, but also the first class scholarship was possible. The friend told the reporter: "I would like to take an interview (to recall Huang Tongxue) because she is really good, a good girl to be praised, blessed and remembered."

Before the incident

Early warning of land disaster in Akesu area

Chengdu commercial newspaper reporters from the certification for the Akesu Regional Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment and the Wensu County Public Security Bureau Traffic management team of the WeChat public see, in July 28th, the two public numbers have issued a message that the recent Wensu County northern mountainous area will appear continuous heavy rain weather, very easy to occur flood and debris flow.

In the certification public number "Xinjiang meteorological", the reporter saw that in July 29th, the public sign issued the meteorological information that the next two days, Yili, Akesu, northern Bazhou, Kashi, Ke Zhou, the west of the Hotan area, Hami city and other places have a short time strong precipitation, hail, lightning, short wind, and so on. Convective weather is more likely, so it is necessary to strengthen the prevention of local short-term heavy rainfall caused by floods, debris flows, landslides and other geological disasters.  

Local people:

In the ten miles of the field, no one is normal.

Public information shows that the total area of Wensu County, Akesu, is 14 thousand and 300 square kilometers, located at the southern foot of tormor peak in the middle section of the Tianshan Mountains in Western Xinjiang and the northern margin of the Tarim Basin. According to reporters, Li Shiqin led the team in July 25th, mainly inspecting the local geological structure and other related aspects.

Xiao Yang is a student from Southwest Petroleum University, and also a native of Wensu county. When he learned that the school friends and teachers were very sad after the mud rock flow, he told the Chengdu commercial newspaper reporter: "there are few people in the field. No one is normal in the field ten miles." In addition, the characteristics of rainfall in Xinjiang are short time, heavy rainfall, summer may also encounter hot snow melting mountains, forming debris flow.

Xiao Yang said that there are many mountains and very steep in Wensu, many places are still not through the road, the signal of mobile phone is very weak or even no signal, the local people are generally afraid to go to the field. "The debris flow in Xinjiang is to come. If in the wild, especially in ravines or narrow valleys, debris flow suddenly rushes down is very difficult to avoid. (pictures provided by Southwest Petroleum University)

Chengdu Business Daily reporter Li Chunyu Xu Wen Hu Yue

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