Two the police will apply for the heroic award when the police rescue the suicide woman.

Two the police will apply for the heroic award when the police rescue the suicide woman.

Original title: a woman jumped to the river in Haining to commit suicide, and two security guards were killed when they both survived.

Zhejiang 24 hours - Qianjiang Evening News reporter Shen Yeting correspondent Yang Lichao

Jiaxing Haining Lake Park, always calm and tranquil.

However, in July 30th, the silence was broken, and sadness enveloped the lake.

At 2 p.m. that day, a woman jumped into the river at the cuckoo lake to commit suicide. Just now, two security patrols passed by the lake, and rushed to rescue the people. After the incident, the security captain who got the news quickly arrived. He saw the woman half floating on the water and pulled her up.

However, the two colleagues were not seen at this time. We struggled to find the bodies of two security guards in the water at 5 p.m. Today (July 31st) morning, the Qianjiang Evening News reporter learned from Haining People's Hospital that the woman died after rescue.

Well, it really makes people sigh!

When the security guard arrived at the scene, only one woman was floating on the lake.

Lost two good colleagues, security chief Shen Xuexiang was in a heavy mood.

He recalled that after yesterday afternoon's incident, another colleague called himself through his mobile phone, saying that Xiao Su and Xiao Huang had already launched into the water to save people. "I can't think much of it." The captain said he ran to the point of the incident. Standing on the shore, Captain Shen saw a woman floating on the river about 15 meters away, but the two colleagues did not see any trace. Shen captain immediately launched into the water and struggled to swim to the woman's side. She turned her head upwards and turned her body upside down.

Shen captain found that the woman's mouth was still spitting bubbles. "I thought she should be saved, and I would swim to the shore immediately."

After the drowning woman was rescued, the medical staff immediately recovered her heart and lung, had breathing and heartbeat on the spot, and was then sent to Haining People's Hospital for further diagnosis and treatment.

However, where are the two security guards?

Shen captain again went to the water to find it, but fumbled for several laps and never found them. Police and rescue teams rushed to organize the rescue.

Everyone was worried. "I hope there's a miracle!" Outside the blockade, there was a prayer on the shore.

Miracles still haven't happened.

Around 5 p.m., two security guards were rescued by rescuers. The medical and nursing staff were rescued. "It's too bad to be so young." The rescuers shook their heads and sighed.

Two of the victims were very young security guards.

"I didn't expect them to go this way..." The captain of the Shen was choking.

The 26 year old emperor is a Yunnan native, while Xiao Su is only 20 years old. His hometown is Guizhou. Two people were employed in Beijing Rong Weiyuan security company and assigned to work in the cuckoo lake for only a month. Everyone said that the two boys are easy-going, responsible and hardworking.

On the evening of July 30, the security company contacted the families of the two security guards, who are now rushing to Haining. "Follow-up, we will actively consult with our families." Shen Xuexiang said that the company will also do its best to help the families.

"We have stepped up further management, improved the life-saving equipment, and added patrols to the surrounding waters." The responsible person of Haining Lake scenic area investment management said that it will cooperate with the relevant units to do well the aftermath.

This morning, the reporter learned from Haining People's Hospital that the woman who had drowned at 6 in the morning died. Haining police say the woman's surname Liu is a foreigner and is now in contact with her family.

Reporter learned tonight from the Haining police office, in view of the two security guards, they are investigating and verifying that they are preparing to apply for the "righteous Award" for the security guards.

Responsible editor: Gui Qiang

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