There are 5 mistakes in a prison detention certificate issued by a detention center in Henan.

There are 5 mistakes in a prison detention certificate issued by a detention center in Henan.

Original title: are there 5 mistakes in the 1 Certificate of release? The director of the guard: the police have disposed of the police

The case number was wrong, the address was wrong, the crime was wrong, the date of the decision was wrong, and the official seal was wrong. Mr. Guo, in Xihua, Zhoukou, Henan, found that there were 5 mistakes on the certificate of release from the county guard.

In August 1st, the director of the Institute, Ge Shufeng, replied to the upstream journalist (the national news hotline: [email protected]) that the 5 mistakes on the certificate showed that the police had not worked well and had talked to their commandments. In addition, he has made an apology to Mr. Guo.

In July 2017, a 12 year old girl in a primary school in the town of Feng mu in Xihua County claimed to be raped by two teachers in the school. After investigation by Xihua County and Zhoukou Municipal Public Security Organs, no evidence of the girl being raped was found, and the incident aroused public concern. Mr. Guo is a friend of this girl's second aunt. He has publicly released relevant remarks on the Internet. At the end of July, Mr. Guo was arrested by the police on suspicion of fabricating false information.

In March 12, 2018, Mr. Guo, the people's Court of Xihua County, was sentenced to one year in imprisonment for the crime of fabricating and intentionally transmitting false information. The sentence was from July 26, 2017 to July 25, 2018. After the verdict, Mr. Guo served a sentence in the Xihua detention center.

The upstream journalist combed the certificate of release and a trial decision, and found that the case number was wrong: the case number on the certificate was (2018) Yu 1622, 622, while the case number on the first trial was (2017) Yu 1622, 622 of the beginning of the sentence; the address was wrong: the address of Mr. Guo's certificate was Luohe, Henan The address on the verdict and Mr. Guo's identity card are all the town of the Luohe city of Henan, the Luohe city of Luohe, Henan province. It is the crime of fabricating and disseminating the false information of securities trading and the crime of fabricating and deliberately spreading false information; the date of judgment is wrong: the certificate shows the date of judgment in March 30, 2018 and the date of the sentence on the judgment is March 12, 2018; the official seal on the certificate is wrong: the official seal information is the special chapter of the Xihua County guard. It is the administrative chapter of the detention center of Xihua county.

Ge Shufeng, director of the Xihua detention center, told the upstream reporters that there were indeed 5 errors in the certificate of release. This indicates that the policeman who has opened the certificate is too irresponsible to talk to his commandments and to cancel his full year's qualification. "I have taken the correct certificate and apologized to Mr. Guo at the door, hoping to get his understanding."

Niu Tai, an upstream journalist

Responsible editor: Gui Qiang

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