The 13 year old girl went to Hangzhou alone to leave a note saying she wanted to see the world.

The 13 year old girl went to Hangzhou alone to leave a note saying she wanted to see the world.

Original title: Jiangsu 13 year old girl went to Hangzhou alone now lost contact, leaving notes "want to see the world"

"The world is big, I want to see..." Wang Longyu, a 13 year old girl from Jingjiang, Jiangsu, left the note and left home at noon on July 30th.

"With the help of the Hangzhou police, we learned that her daughter spent the night at a convenience store in the north of Hangzhou." In August 1st, Wang Longyu's mother, Ms. Ma, told

The 1 afternoon, Hangzhou city Gongshu District Public Security Bureau was informed that the Bureau received a telephone call in July 30th, accompanied by family members to find the girl's whereabouts through monitoring and monitoring, found that she stayed in a convenience store night, second morning leave, but not found girls.

Wang Longyu is the sister of twins. After lunch in July 30th, Ms. Ma and her daughters were napping each other. She woke up and found her little daughter disappeared. She only saw a sentence on her homework book: "the world is big, I want to see it." I've got the money, you don't have to worry. "

Ms. Ma told Peng Mei News that her youngest daughter was lively and outgoing. She had finished her summer homework and had no conflict with her family before the incident. Inspection found that her daughter only brought 900 yuan in cash, no cell phone or ID card.

"My family immediately went to the station to find out that a driver of mine had carried my daughter and said he wanted to take a bus to Hangzhou." Ma said that the family arrived in Hangzhou that night, calling 110 for help.

Hangzhou police monitoring and monitoring found that at 17 July 30th, Wang Longyu on the bus station in the north bus station 69 bus; about 21 o'clock in a shopping center, like in a shopping center, at that time wearing a white coat, blue jeans, white shoes, black colored smiling face pattern double shoulder backpack, hand bag with orange yellow.

"From surveillance, my daughter spent the night in a convenience store, not sleeping on the street. I feel a little relieved." Ms. Ma said, they have no relatives in Hangzhou, daughter does not play online games, may be the last semester to learn "Chinese Geography" to see the introduction of Hangzhou, think that the city is very good, want to see.

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