Another P2P accident: a total turnover of 84 billion 300 million has been invested by Lei Jun.

Another P2P accident: a total turnover of 84 billion 300 million has been invested by Lei Jun.

Original title: another P2P accident! Product overdue, staff turnover, cumulative turnover of 84 billion 300 million.

In the past July, net lending continued to explode. Yesterday (July 31st) evening, some investors responded to the younger sister: the grassroots investment was overdue.

The cumulative turnover of grassroots investment has exceeded 80 billion yuan, and before that, there are listed companies and state assets. So she decided to go to the company to find out.

Grassroots investment has been overdue and some employees have left.

Early this morning, the son of my sister got up early and went straight to the office address of the grass-roots investment in the dream town of Yuhang District, Hangzhou. Through the scene, she found that the investment in grass roots had been overdue and some employees left.

When journalists arrived at the site of the grass-roots investment, a large number of grassroots investment users were also the platform investors. According to the field observation, it was estimated at least more than 100 people. According to some investors, they came to the scene because of the overinvestment of products invested on the grass-roots investment platform. One investor asked the reporter, "who will be here if it is not overdue?"

Investors at the scene told Shengmeier that many of the investors'products had expired yesterday (July 31), but the funds did not arrive. At the time of daytime yesterday, the staff of the grass-roots investment were working normally, but at night they were suddenly left out, and the office of the grass-roots investment did not see their employees. Many investors are anxious to wait in the grassroots investment office, many have been staying here since last night, crouching all night.

This morning, when my sister arrived, he also saw a lot of special staff here to maintain the order of the scene. At the same time, the personnel of the police station in front of the warehouse in Yuhang district were collecting the information that the investors had filled out. The information required to be filled in is a form named "Yuhang district public security branch related crime alarm registration form", which is filled by investors in groups. The main content is to fill in personal information, invest the time, amount, and when to expire.

The police officers said that they were also notified to help. Whether the case was not decided by them or not, the personnel did not know more about the details. They were responsible for registration and reception, what the investors had, and they could help to reflect.

At about 11 a.m. this morning, the chairman of grassroots investment, Jin Zhongshan, appeared and explained the situation and answered the questions to the investors in a conference room. Jin Zhongkao said that, for the overdue yesterday, the platform will be extended to the core business, because they feel they have the ability to complete the payment in the next three months.

He said that many borrowers now evade and cancel debt is very serious, their wind control, after lending, collection almost everyone outside.

Jin Zhongkao said they were not directly cooperating with the insurance companies, with investors saying that the insurance companies of the performance guarantee plan were denying that they had cooperated with the grassroots investment and questioned the false propaganda. However, Sheng Mei noticed that this obviously did not satisfy the investors at the scene.

Some investors asked "which projects will be extended, or all the exhibition periods", Jin Zhongkao said that only some of the core enterprises will choose the exhibition period. In the end, what and how to choose the core projects will be published in the afternoon.

Investors also question why employees of grassroots investments left collective last night. Jin Zhongkao replied that there were other companies in the company's Park. The people who left were not always the platform, and they did have some network teams to leave, but the top management team was in, and "they would have a bright picture of the group", but by the end of this communication, he did not see the collective appearance of the top management team.

It has been invested by Lei Jun and invested tens of millions of dollars in capital.

Public information shows that the grassroots investment and operation main body is Zhejiang grass roots Network Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2013. The registered capital is over 200 million yuan. The introduction of grassroots investment official website shows that it mainly provides financial services for small and micro businesses and individual users with investment and financing needs.

According to the survey information of the sky eye, there are five shareholders in grassroots investment, of which the top three shareholders are Kim Chung Kam, Guangzhou Hui Yin Wu Fung investment partnership (limited partnership) and Lhasa MEG investment partnership (limited partnership), and the corresponding investment amounts are 113 million 361 thousand and 600 yuan, 42 million 553 thousand and 200 yuan, and 37 million yuan respectively. The corresponding shareholding ratios were 56.10%, 21.06% and 18.31% respectively.

In 2015, the grass roots Investment announced that it had won the investment of ten million dollars for capital A rounds under the Lei Jun banner.

According to the introduction of the capital official network, it was founded in 2011 and managed three US $1 billion 750 million US dollar funds and two RMB yuan RMB funds. Investors mainly come from top international investment institutions such as sovereign funds, family funds, funds in the funds and University foundations. On the homepage of grass root official website, it also shows that its participation in investment venture capital institutions is capital. And in the investment case of Shun capital's official website, there is also the name of grassroots investment.

However, it is not high enough to invest in the grass roots.

According to public information, in February 9, 2015, shareholders of grass roots investment transferred 20% stake to Ma Wen Jing at a price of 4 million yuan. Ma Wenjing is the vice president of capital and is the executive director of the Lhasa economic and Technological Development Zone Shun Ying Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shun e investment). On June 24, 2016, Shun Ying invested 8.2475 million yuan in the grass-roots network through premium capital increase. After the completion of the capital increase, Shun Ying invested in a 5% stake.

And from the current stock ownership structure, the cis - Ying investment holding the root of the investment is 3.51%, the total amount of payment is 10 million yuan, and two natural people, Ma Wenjing and Cao Liping, pay 5 million yuan each. Shun capital official website data show that these two people are management team members.

A week ago, an explosion and interest rate project was launched.

Shares, red envelopes, cash vouchers

It is worth mentioning that, in July 25th, the grassroots investment has also been announced in its official WeChat public platform, its D round of 500 million yuan financing has been all reached accounts, the remaining funds are also being delivered, the specific information later completed the corresponding formalities again public notice. Shortly before, grassroots investment also announced on its official website that it had entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with 01178.HK, and announced that, on the date of the announcement, the list of 01178.HK's board of directors included Jin Zhongkao, the legal representative of grassroots investment.

On its official WeChat public platform, the younger sister found that a week ago, the investment of grass-roots is "500 million to the accounts, listed on the market" as the reason, the introduction of an interest rate increase project. The exploding item shows that the interest rate in January is 10.5%, 12% in February, 14.3% in March, 14.6% in the half year, and 15.6% in a year. At the same time, grassroots investment in the explosive project, the preparation of air purifiers, mobile phones and 10,000 yuan in cash and other prizes to encourage investors to increase net investment.

In addition, grass-roots investment on its official WeChat public platform also shows that because it will open the way to the market, during its activities, users with a cumulative amount of more than 1 million yuan will have the opportunity to obtain the right of priority. At the same time, all kinds of prizes and red packets are awarded as incentives to encourage investors to invest.

It was a huge credit for "Fuxing" subsidiary.

Being accused of false propaganda

It is worth mentioning that grassroots investment has announced that it has entered into cooperation with insurance companies, providing performance bond insurance for the vast number of "grass powder". Sheng sister noticed that there was a word "grass roots joint PICC" in the promotional pictures released by grassroots investment. But then, in July 31st, Guangzhou human insurance insurance issued a Clarification Announcement on its official WeChat public number, making it clear that it had never collaborated with grassroots companies such as Zhejiang grass root Investment Co., Zhejiang grass root network technology Co., Ltd. and other insurance contract relations with grassroots investment. Pay close attention to the development of the situation, and start to collect relevant evidence to the relevant public security organs to report the case, through legal means to safeguard their rights and interests of the company.

Earlier, the daily economic news also reported on grassroots investment in June 30th. According to the daily economic news published in June 30th, "Fuxing Department" shock market grass root investment has been a huge credit for its company, which shows that an investment project of grass-roots investment is related to Fuxing Group. At that time, the reporter found that the target of grassroots investment was consistent with the information of Hangzhou barium resistant trade Limited (hereinafter referred to as "barium resistant trade company"), and barium resistant company is the company under the banner of Fuxing Group.

In the product's project data map, the reporter found that although part of the data map of the project had been coded, the reporter found a official seal with the word "Hangzhou barium resistant trade limited company" on the body's Credit Code of the project. It is in line with the business scope of Hangzhou barium trading company. Then, the reporter gave evidence to the grassroots investment, and the grassroots investment staff told reporters that the grassroots investment was indeed a one hundred million or two hundred million yuan letter to barium resistant trade company. At that time, the stock was still unfinished, and the grass-roots investment staff also expressed the joint liability guarantor of barium resistant trade companies. There is a hotel that has the ability to repay.

The survey data show that barium trade company has a total of Funing rare earth Yitong magnetic material Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Funing rare earth") and the fufu zinc Cci Capital Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Fuyu zinc investment"), two large shareholders, respectively holding 70% and 30%.

Zhu Guancheng is the legal representative of one of its shareholders, and Zhu Guancheng is the father of Zhu Yidong, the actual controller of the recent loss of Fuxing Group. Another shareholder, Fuxin investment, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fuxing Group holding 100%. That is to say, the two major shareholders of barium are related to Fuxing. The grass roots also have a strong relationship with the "Fuxing system" because of the huge credit and barium tolerance.

According to the grassroots investment official network information, by June 30, 2018, the cumulative turnover of grassroots investment exceeded 84 billion yuan. According to its published second quarter operation report in the second quarter, the total amount of the second quarter project turnover was 5 billion 163 million yuan, and the total revenue generating amount in the second quarter was 225 million yuan.

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