People's daily talked about study tour: spend so much money to dream of international prestigious schools?

People's daily talked about study tour: spend so much money to dream of international prestigious schools?

Original title: spend so much money "dream" international prestigious school? Talk about a little before going to bed

Talk a little before going to bed, there is a dream in the world. Hello, I'm the comment of the party newspaper.

When it comes to traveling to school, you may think of the students who left their hometown and took on the responsibilities of books in ancient China, and of the feelings of "reading ten thousand volumes and traveling ten thousand miles". Since Confucius travelled to a long period of study in the past dynasties, the Bachelor of Confucianism in successive dynasties, whether visiting a famous teacher, a friend of the literature, or a tour of lectures and mountains and rivers, "once a long journey, such as a boat involved in the river," and the pain and gain and loss on the way. Nowadays, because of the fixed school and the broadening of knowledge transmission channels, the ancient learning tour has gradually disappeared.

But another kind of travel study has explode in more than ten years. When modern transportation turned the earth into a village, people turned their attention to overseas. It is different from the school - led public service, the exchange of students to apply for study, and the friendly relationship between the school and the school. The commercial tour organized by the travel agency and the education and training organization has learned many parents' holiday items for their children. From college students to naughty children, China participated in more than 860,000 international tours in 2017, with an annual market of 20 billion yuan. The arrangement of famous scenic spots in international classrooms is much better than that of Confucius, Lao-Confucius, Chen Cai, who refused food and lost his dog.

Dream top school, European cultural exploration, English aristocratic class, International Student Leadership Summit, Canadian micro summer camp, American shadow friends 1 to 1 shifts... All kinds of names make the eyeballs of consumers. With the improvement of people's income level, the change of educational concept and the optimization of the policy of going abroad, the emergence of the travel craze is timely. Tourism and learning, in itself, contain the expectation of teaching and learning. Compared with the "third semester" of reforming the holiday to extracurricular tutoring, it makes the children get a leisure time and relax their body and mind. It also contains the parents' expectation of widening their vision and taking care of their own life. The data show that the most popular countries are also the preferred destination countries for high school graduates to study abroad.

But some parents reflect, some of the tour group, spend 30 thousand in the famous school photos, some "top universities" in the university rankings "unknown", "international student colleagues" is a few foreign children to hotel chat, "famous school headmaster forum" was originally a discussion with the travel agency workers... Travel without learning, goods not edition has become a common problem of many products. Even if it is pure play, the price of some items is not pleasant. To think of "classmates and play", we only need to rent a classroom, find foreigners to do friendship, and envy classical culture, and can visit a free and open museum; drama, sports and navigation, but it is a play, play, and visit a ship. They are all expensive items in the price list. In addition, eating a simple meal, sleeping in high and low beds and booking a discount ticket can save money everywhere, but the price of a tour group is still more expensive than a tour group with a better condition. If you can't learn, you can't play well. Some projects deviate from the purpose of studying.

Facing the "big cake" of overseas travel, travel agencies, study abroad intermediaries, consulting companies, language training institutions rushed to. In addition to the price opaque, false propaganda, the intermediary in the school's grand statement, the school leader cost from the student apportionment and other phenomena haze the healthy teacher-student relationship; no entry and exit qualifications of the organization layer to carry out business, leading to the unclear responsibility boundary. These problems stem from the lack of self-discipline of relevant institutions, but they also reflect the absence of supervision. In fact, the Ministry of education has issued the relevant regulations of the primary and middle school students to participate in the study trip abroad, but it is not binding on the institutions of the non educational system; and the travel agencies with the qualification of outbound travel are mainly managed by the industry and Commerce and tourism departments, and the education department is difficult to regulate their teaching activities. The study is a whole, but for the management of tourism and learning, the blind area of supervision is easy to appear, the relevant laws and regulations need to be issued, the authority and responsibility of various departments are clarifying, and the combination of governance is made.

Since half past three, the campus quietly, to the training class "press the gourd", from the kindergarten "primary school", to the competition "industrialization", education has been involved in every parent's heart, for children to spend even if the pressure is more willing. But it should be noted that education is investment in the future, not blind consumption. It is good to let the child know the outside world, but also to understand whether the choice of learning is from the climbing and the herd. It is clear that the "gilt" of the trip can change the child to see what medicine is sold in the gourd of various organizations. After all, the ancients' travel may be the whole of the study, and the current study is only a supplement and extension of the course. It is not necessary to overestimate its value, not to get nothing because of blind participation, and even increase the risk of security.

This is just two or three weeks of traveling, and it costs forty thousand or fifty thousand. The seven day itinerary was six days.

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Responsible editor: Gui Qiang

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