More than 150 people who saved the lives of the police fell ill for three days and had been working overtime.

More than 150 people who saved the lives of the police fell ill for three days and had been working overtime.

Original title: Zhejiang police, who rescued more than 150 lives, are now in bed. The picture looks sad

In July 30th, the news of a hospitalization of "West Lake fishing brother" cerebral infarction was spread by reporters in WeChat's circle of friends. People who are familiar with "brother fishing" are shocked. "Such a good person, please don't worry about anything!"  

"West Lake fishing brother" Zhou Xiangjun is less than 58 years old. This year he stayed in Hangzhou West Lake water police station for seventeenth years. In the 17 years, he saved more than 150 lives, and the total cost of the mobile phone was more than about 1000000 yuan. The name of "West Lake fishing brother" has gradually become well-known.  

Zhou Xiangjun is still in the front line of Zhou Xiangjun, a three - dog day. He often needs to endure high temperature, lying on the ground near 50 degrees centigrade to help tourists salvage valuables, in addition to his daily patrol in West Lake waters.

According to statistics, as of now, Zhou Xiangjun's salvage in West Lake, the total value of mobile phone plus more than 100.

"West Lake fishing brother" fell ill

At noon on July 30, the reporter came to the First People's Hospital of Hangzhou. People came and went to the neurology ward. Zhou Xiang-jun was lying in bed with a hanging needle.

"Daughter, this time daddy is going to break his promise. I can't pick you up." On the phone, Zhou Xiangjun said to her daughter who was about to return home, the look was somewhat low and guilt. "My daughter is 25 years old and works abroad. This time she came to see us. I just talked to her a few days ago to pick her up at the airport.

How did you get sick when you were "West Lake fishing brother"?

In the three Fu days, the heat is difficult. Two weeks before the onset of illness, Zhou Xiangjun worked overtime. "The water was warmer than the ground, and as soon as I got in the boat on duty, I was soaked and the leather on the top of the cabin was scorched off by the sun." Zhou Xiangjun said.

The initial symptoms appeared on the morning of July 25, when a colleague called him to ask for work materials. He was promising and suddenly felt that his right hemisphere was not right. "I thought it was a bad cervical spine." Zhou Xiangjun said, "after all, I am the physical fitness of the Navy's divers. It's so serious."

In July 26th, he was still on duty. At half past four in the morning of July 27th, his wife told him to get up and do morning exercises, but he could not get up. After getting up in two hours, he got up and fell. "The legs and feet are totally unresponsive, and the right half of the body includes the face, including general anesthesia." Zhou Xiangjun said.

"At that time, I could only make a'um'sound in my mouth, and I could not control my drooling. My right hand was also taking something off." The couple finally realized the seriousness of the problem and hurried to the hospital for treatment.

The doctor asked him, "when did you start this symptom?"

"Not long, more than ten hours." Zhou Xiangjun replied.

"Well, if your symptoms dragged on for more than 30 hours, the problem would be great." The doctor just finished, Zhou Xiangjun in the heart of a false hair - from the 25 afternoon brain stem sickness to the 27 morning into the hospital, this period can be more than ten hours ah! Is this a lucky kind? He dared not think much of it.  

The persevering of "West Lake fishing"

The story of "West Lake fishing brother" stems from an accident that a veteran Anti Japanese War dropped into West Lake in the past years. In order to recall the memory of the veterans in the mobile phone, Zhou Xiang-jun jumped into the water to salvage more than an hour, although the hands and feet were cut, but returned fruitless. The old soldier's feelings finally failed to be recovered, but this incident became the prime motivity of Zhou Xiangjun.

"In fact, in accordance with the relevant regulations, it is not a police service to salvage such things as mobile phones, but a" difficult to find the police ", let us be obliged. Zhou Xiangjun said, "and nowadays, smart phones are thousands of dollars, and tourists are distressed. They must be looked for. When I get more, I have to get four or five pieces a day.

At first, Zhou Xiangjun would swim in a diving suit. "Sometimes the water is very cold, and the underwater situation is also complicated. It is not the foot breaking that is the hand breaking."

In recent years, Zhou Xiangjun has slowly studied a "salvage artifact": a long, stainless steel hollow rod with a strong magnet at the bottom and used in a net pocket. The first generation and third generation fishing rods developed by him have obtained the patent certificate of appearance design and utility model respectively.

In the past more than 10 years, Zhou Xiangjun has done his duty in addition to his duties such as mobile phone, rescue, public order and so on. In his view, saving people is also a process of slowly accumulating experience. He gradually learned to talk with different people.

"Sometimes the rescued person has to leave, so I pay him a little bit of money or send him to the railway station. When they feel warm, they will not be able to commit suicide again.

"West Lake fishing" does not retire

Now, on the ordinary day, the energetic and enthusiastic West Lake fishing brother lies on his sickbed. The doctor said he had to stay in hospital for 10 to 15 days at least, and there was still a convalescence after discharge.

Today, he is still mentally speaking, but the action seems to have been blocked. Even sitting up from bed to eat, he needs his wife to support him at the back.

These days, Zhou Xiangjun's cell phone is still alive. The work of the pile is in mind, really can not rest assured. He lay in bed, craning his head over the information in the workgroup, talking to reporters about how to deal with the matter, and how difficult it was... One side wife silently stopped for him the infusion, the hanging bag was myrrh, had to call the nurse to exchange.

When you are on board in a flat day, the joking "fish" often "flaunters" one of his own hair. "I don't have any dyed, good mood and good hair." Now in bed for less than three days, "Lough" has felt a little depressed, "I, or return to work happily." He sighed gently.

The reporter asked him what he was going to do when he retired. Zhou Xiangjun said, "I just don't wear a police uniform." West Lake fishing brother will not retire! "

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