Beijing Internet court is preparing to try Internet cases on Internet.

Beijing Internet court is preparing to try Internet cases on Internet.

Original title: Beijing Internet court is preparing to build: centralized jurisdiction of specific cases involving Internet first instance

Lin Ping correspondent Zhao Yan, an surging journalist

The surging news learned from the Beijing Higher People's court that the Beijing Internet court is preparing for the construction process. Prior to July 27th, the Standing Committee of the Beijing Municipal Committee held a meeting to hear the report on the preparatory work of the Beijing Internet court.

In order to implement the plan for the establishment of the Beijing Internet court and the Internet court of Guangzhou, which was considered by the Central Committee of the Central Committee for the comprehensive deepening of the reform, the role of the capital judiciary in promoting the innovation and development of the network economy, ensuring network security and building the Internet governance system, the newly established Beijing Internet The court will make a breakthrough in the trial of Internet cases by Internet trial in accordance with the principles of all kinds of disputes on the Internet, focusing on the Internet trial, and create a new Internet trial procedure and justice under the guidance of the Supreme People's Court on the basis of the in-depth use of Internet Information Technology. Rules to promote the rule of law of cyberspace governance.

Beijing high court, Beijing Internet court will focus on the jurisdiction of the first instance of the first instance of the Internet in the city's jurisdiction, explore the establishment of the trial mode adapted to the Internet age, and promote the entire network of litigation, mediation, filing, court trial, judgment and execution. Innovation complies with the rules of Internet trial and establishes a standardized and intelligent trial mode for all types of cases. To adapt to the requirements of the information age, we should give full play to the advantages of cross regional trial and facilitate the participation of the parties in litigation.

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