Father's genes may indirectly make mothers more caring for their children.

Father's genes may indirectly make mothers more caring for their children.

Xinhua news agency, Washington, July (reporter Zhou Zhou) 31 (reporter Zhou Zhou) published in the new issue of the American Journal of science public library biology, a study shows that the genes from the father are not only inherited to the offspring, but also indirectly affect the mother's emotional and behavioral formula in pregnancy and postpartum, so that future generations can get more maternal love and more. Take care of the behavior.

Researchers at the Cardiff University found that the behavior of mice mothers was associated with the level of hormone secreted by a spongy trophoblast cell in the fetal placenta of mice. The promotion of this "maternal hormone" level will change the hypothalamus and hippocampus of the mother's brain, that is to say, "programming" during the mother's pregnancy to take care of the offspring to a higher priority.

The imprinting gene, named Phlda2 from the father, tends to choose silence, which reduces the gene's inhibition of the "maternal hormone" secretion and thus promotes the mother's care for children.

The study showed that the Phlda2 gene of the offspring had two replicas from the parents, and the expression of Phlda2 gene was negatively correlated with the secretion of "maternal hormone". So it's all from the mother's copy, and the father's copy is silent.

Rosalind John team, the author of the paper and professor of developmental biology of Cardiff University, expressed two copies of the Phlda2 gene copies through gene editing, which greatly reduced the level of "maternal hormone" in the placenta of the mouse fetus, which led to the decrease of the behavior of the mouse after the birth of the mouse. More focus on nesting. On the other hand, the researchers did not express two copies of the gene, and the hormone levels in the placenta of the mice increased, causing the mouse to take more time to take care of the mice after birth.

Researchers believe that maternal care is crucial to the survival of newborn and the development of physical and mental health in the future. Biologically, fathers want their mothers to maximize the cost of their offspring, so they choose to silence their Phlda2 gene expression. Researchers speculate that humans may also have similar mechanisms. (finish)

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