New drugs are expected to reverse hair loss and skin damage

New drugs are expected to reverse hair loss and skin damage

Xinhua news agency, Beijing, August, 1, many middle-aged people are troubled by hair loss. American researchers have found that a new drug can be used to treat hair loss, and in the future it can help to treat skin diseases such as psoriasis, as well as skin injuries such as diabetes or plastic surgery.

Through a series of mouse experiments, researchers such as Johns Hopkins University in the United States have used a compound called "D PDMP" to reverse the hair loss, chroma whiteness, and skin inflammation. Previous studies have shown that the above symptoms are related to high levels of fat and cholesterol in the diet.

Researchers say this compound inhibits the production of fat called sphingolipids. Glycolipid is a major component of skin and other cell membranes, and is associated with hair loss. The researchers studied two groups of mouse control experiments to reverse the process of hair loss and skin damage. The first group of mice was fed with foods rich in fat and cholesterol, and the second groups were fed standard food.

All mice were fed continuously from 12 weeks to 20 weeks of age. Results the first group of mice developed hair loss, skin damage and hair color. When the mice were fed for 36 weeks, the symptoms worsened, with 75% of the mice having hair loss and multiple skin lesions. At 20 to 36 weeks of age, both groups received capsule or liquid form of D-PDMP and continued to eat the food.

The results showed that the first group of mice began to regrow after treatment with D-PDMP and recovered the color of their hair. The skin inflammation was also alleviated. The study also showed that the capsule encapsulated form of D PDMP had better effect and would be a better drug delivery mode in the future.  

The researchers say the findings reveal that human hair loss and skin damage can be treated by oral or local medication, and further verification is needed to verify whether the new drug is safe for humans. The research report has been published in the scientific journal of the British Journal of nature.

"Hopefully, our research will help hair loss people regain hair growth, make old people's white hair black, and make wounds heal faster and more effectively." Johns Hopkins university professor Subroto Chatterjee said. (finish)

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