Red envelopes Bankruptcy: group of 10 people 9 support WeChat fraud than imagination crazy

Red envelopes Bankruptcy: group of 10 people 9 support WeChat fraud than imagination crazy

Original title: a red envelope bankruptcy, WeChat fraud is far more crazy than you think.

A red envelope went bankrupt, 10 people in the group 9, WeChat fraud is far more crazy than you think.

"Tens of millions of cash red packets all over the net!" "A little finger forwarding can take away the cash prize!" "10th anniversary of a certain enterprise, the boss gave money in a willful way!" All kinds of exaggerated headlines "WeChat red envelopes" are popular in WeChat group.

In a recent violation of the WeChat security center, you can see that the red packet is different from the ordinary red packet, and it is not a cash bonus, but a web link. The web page shows that the red packet is first needed to share the red packet link in a number of WeChat groups. In order to show the "authenticity" of the red packet, the page below is often attached with the word "a certain net friend has successfully raised the yuan".

In fact, this kind of out-chain red packets are mostly marketing advertisements, the purpose is to induce users to forward red packets with their own web links, users can directly choose to report. But there is also a cheater to share with you after you will not let go, and continue to induce users to participate in "preferential recharge activities", the result is often false, the money is true, and in this process, once users fill in the phone number and other information, may also expose personal privacy.

The same trap is not the same "pie"

Around the chain of WeChat red packets, cheaters emerge in an endless stream. Recently, some netizens have reported that they spent hundreds of yuan to buy back a watch that can not go, but also fade, the reason is still because of the "micro letter red envelope".

According to the netizen, the WeChat group, which opened the WeChat red package with the same external chain as the same description in the WeChat group, showed that he had the opportunity to draw the prize. After the lottery, he found that he was "lucky" in a famous brand watch worth thousands of dollars, but it needed to pay hundreds of prizes for packaging and freight. After paying, it is not a brand name watch, but a worthless bad watch.

"Everyone can only and definitely get thousands of famous brand watches, which are set by the background program." Wenzhou City Anti-Fraud Center Lin Nele police officer told China News Agency is through train reporter interview, here is the beginning of fraud. "The premium package fee, freight, goods price, deposit and other reasonable extra charges are all the key points of the website's profit, and the last user will certainly receive the watch, but this kind of watch can see the small goods in the 20 yuan store on the street. In fact, this is also a way for fraudsters to circumvent fraudulent business and turn to commercial disputes.

Linnelle further pointed out that this point can not directly receive cash, but jump into a web link, induce users to forward the red packets are extremely harmful:

First of all, the inducement and forwarding, the user has done the "advertisement" for the cheater virtually. By virtue of the power of the Weixin group and the circle of friends, fraudsters can expand the scope of the victim indiscriminately by transferring the fraudulent information to the Weixin users in a geometric multiple.

Second, such behavior also allows criminals to gather authentic information from WeChat users. "Now there is a chain of fraud black industry in the communication network, and this information will be sold to thousands of crimes committed by communication networks, and then users will receive a variety of fraud calls, SMS and links, causing users to suffer again."

Finally, such winning scams also increase the difficulty of filing. This kind of behavior through real delivery, only the goods are not right, to avoid the legal attack, the general victim will also choose not to call the police because of small loss, causing difficulties for the local police station to run a case.

Not only is it dangerous to receive red packets, but also be careful when sending red packets.

Send 30 back to 60, 500 back to 1000, red packets in the group can also get double return, such a "good thing" to be careful of hidden traps.

In a case disclosed by Huidong police, Mr. Li was pulled into a group of red envelopes. Mr. Li immediately enchanted, also gave the other party 20 yuan and 40 yuan of red packets, get rebate 120 yuan.

Mr. Li, who tasted the sweetness, then pulled his friends together, but the group leader asked him to take part in the event of sending 300 returns to 1500 on the grounds that the quota was full. After that, he defrauded 2250 yuan on the grounds of incorrect amount, benefits and thawing charges.

In this regard, Lin said: "this kind of rebate behavior recently in QQ group, WeChat group is very popular, some of the fraudsters through the establishment of the so-called red packet, in fact, the group of 10 people in the group 9. In addition, the fraudsters will also enhance the authenticity by forgery a series of transfer records to induce the victim to step into the trap. After the victim sends a large red packet, the other party will directly pull the black, or let the system Caton do not receive the reason for the victims to continue to transfer or red packets to make more losses.

"This kind of fraud belongs to a typical cheapest kind of cheapest kind of fraud," Lin reminding. "As long as you do not believe it, there will be no market. If you are really cheated, call the police in 110.

Found deceived, timely alarm, 0 yuan case will also be accepted.

It is worth noting that the parties who have encountered the above two kinds of red envelopes, if the amount of fraud is less, is usually considered unworthy of the alarm, or even if the alarm is not accepted. In fact, even if the amount involved is 0 yuan, the public security organ is also entertained.

The Ministry of public security invited the criminal investigation expert and the Ningbo anti fraud center Xia Lin in an interview with a direct traffic reporter. "The public security organs adhere to the zero tolerance of the telecom network fraud cases, and the cases of the unsuccessful fraud are also accepted. The fundamental purpose is to maximize the clue to the fraud cases, and to the telecommunication network. Network fraud cases shall be launched in a timely and effective way.

And there are doubts about similar fraud information, Xia Lin pointed out that the public can consult the local public security organs or the anti fraud center, so as not to be deceived.

Xia Lin reminded the citizens that once they were found to be swindled, they should report to the local public security organs immediately, to be provided to public security by the time of fraud, the amount of fraud, the time of the transfer, the contact with the fraudsters, the accounts used by the fraudsters, such as the bank account, the WeChat account, the Alipay account and so on. It is convenient for the public security organs to carry out relevant investigations and recover stolen goods effectively.

"Do not blindly find channels for safeguarding rights on the Internet so as not to be cheated again." Xia Lin said. (Yang Jiaxin)

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