The girl admitted to Peking University, thanked poor Wang Dongfeng for his instructions and asked someone to visit him.

The girl admitted to Peking University, thanked poor Wang Dongfeng for his instructions and asked someone to visit him.

Original title: Wang Dongfeng gave instructions to Wang Xinyi, a poor girl in Zaoqiang County, and commissioned a special person to visit her.

Source: Hebei daily

"Congratulations, congratulations on your admission to Peking University. You are an example of poor students inspiring talents. On behalf of secretary Wang Dongfeng, I congratulate you. " In the afternoon of August 1st, Wang Dongfeng, the Secretary of the provincial Party committee, was entrusted by Wang Dongfeng, the director of the Provincial Education Hall, Yang Yong, who came to the new village of Zaoqiang Town, Zaoqiang County, to visit Wang Xinyi students who were admitted to the Peking University.

Recently, because of the writing of "thanks to poverty" caused by the Internet hot discussion, and many netizens praise Wang Xinyi, is the Zaoqiang secondary school graduates, although the poor family, she is optimistic and optimistic, very hard to study. It is understood that during her study in high school, she enjoyed the state grant according to the state regulations, 2000 yuan per year for the first and second year of senior high school and 2500 yuan per year for the third year of senior high school. In addition, the school also waived her tuition and accommodation fees, and subsidized annual living expenses. In this year's college entrance examination, she was admitted to the Chinese Department of Peking University with excellent results.

A few days ago, Secretary Wang Dongfeng learned about Wang Xinyi's deeds and made special instructions.

In his comments, Wang Dongfeng said that Wang Xinyi, in the case of poor family and pressure of life, still entered Peking University with 707 points, and the society paid much attention to it. This fully embodies the hardworking spirit of the simple, tough and unremitting efforts of the people of Hebei. It is also a concrete example of the talent of the cold door. It is beneficial to motivate more difficult students to make inspirational talents and be worth promoting and propagating in the whole society.

When I learned that the Secretary of the provincial Party committee was concerned about himself, Wang Xinyi's eye circle was red: "I feel very warm and encouraged by all of my support and encouragement. I will continue to work hard and strive to master more knowledge and skills and do my best to repay the love of the whole society."

"The tuition fee has fallen, the provincial related departments have provided a grant for the study, and the provincial education department also actively contacted the Peking University to help her life during her university." Wang Xinyi's mother was excited. "Our family is very grateful to the party and the government as well as the social loving people for their help to us."

The Department in charge of the Provincial Education Department said that the educational departments at all levels in the province should conscientiously carry out the requirements for the approval of the Secretary Wang Dongfeng, investigate the students of poor families in an all-round way and establish a filing card, study the help and assistance policies to benefit more families and students, and cultivate more talents for the comprehensive construction of the economy and the beautiful Hebei in the new era.

Reporter Marley and Liu Rongrong

Photographers Zhao Jie and Huo Yanen

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