More than 70 thousand primary school students to play the anchor, the highest one day to brush away 3 "1888".

More than 70 thousand primary school students to play the anchor, the highest one day to brush away 3

Original title: more than 70 thousand primary school students to play the anchor the highest day to brush 3 "1888"

Newspaper news (reporter Zhao Liu Ying / map) with the rise and development of the network broadcast platform, "bear children" spend a huge amount of money to reward the host of the event, the amount from tens of tens of tens of tens of tens of thousands of rewards.

Ms. Chen, a citizen of the clothing business, has recently encountered such "annoyances". The 11 year old daughter culvert since September last year, has frequently been rewarded in the beauty pat platform, with a total consumption of more than 70 thousand yuan.

Primary school girls reward network hosts more than 70 thousand yuan

"I didn't expect her to spend so much money on the live platform. I don't understand." Ms. Chen said that her daughter was very sensible at ordinary times and was also very good at studying.

Since last year, Ms. Chen has discovered that her daughter always plays with her cell phone and has educated several times, but is not concerned about it. "Now the children like to play with mobile phones, but also think that her daughter is usually very obedient, did not do anything out of the ordinary, holidays to play no harm."

However, in the holiday, the network live platform "into", culvert culvert with its own QQ registered a beauty pat account number, without real name authentication, and with their own mobile phone number registered, and identity authentication.

Reporters inquired about Han Han's reward records in the United States, QQ number bound account total reward 14806 yuan, mobile phone number bound account total reward 61988 yuan. Most of the awards are in the evening and the holidays are the most.

"The amount of reward in the ordinary day is relatively small, more than 350 yuan, the large amount of reward is mainly concentrated in the holiday, only in October last year, hit a dozen 1888 yuan, in October 8th, the brush of 3 1888 yuan, the entire October price of nearly 30 thousand yuan." Ms. Chen said that in February and May this year, there were also large numbers of reward.

"Usually when paying by Wechat, the daughter is nearby, and did not intentionally avoid, it is estimated that the daughter secretly recorded the payment password." Ms. Chen said that her daughter's WeChat account in addition to the usual pocket money, and there is no large amount of cash, and to reward the host's money, is the daughter to steal their own mobile phone, on WeChat to send red packets and transfer.

Ms. Chen said that when doing business, many customers will pay for their own WeChat accounts, consume themselves on weekdays, and the daughter has deleted the records of red packets and transfers, so a long time, Ms. Chen did not find. At present, Ms Chen hopes that she can return her daughter's reward.

Live platform: confirm that users are minors before they can refund money.

So, what is the response to the US shooting? The first time the reporter contacted the US photo company Xiamen Mei Tao Network Technology Co., Ltd.

"At present, this matter is under investigation, we must first confirm whether the user is really a minor, before we can refund the reward." Zhang Kai, the market department of the United States, says it is necessary to confirm the identity of the minors, and it also takes time to communicate with the user. As long as the evidence is perfect, it can be refunded.

It is reported that the culvert's beauty pat account account, one of which has been authenticated and entered with ID card number, can confirm his minor identity; the other account mostly uses WeChat payment to reward, while WeChat pays real name authentication, can it be confirmed that the culvert is minors?

Zhang Kai said, WeChat's real name certification, they can not see the background data, but also need to check the user's usual record and live content in the platform, to confirm whether the account number and account account for the same person, and are minors.

Proving that "reward people" is a problem for minors to become adults.

It is understood that access to the United States live platform, only need to input mobile phone number, or bind micro signal, QQ can be entered, do not need real name certification, so the registration of minors is not limited. Then, how should the platform be managed for the blind consumption of minors?

Zhang Kai said that when the host is given a gift to consume, it will jump to a recharge page. At the top of the page, it will be prompted by the guardian mode. Once this mode is selected, it can not provide a recharge service.

However, although the platform has set this limit, it is not a rigid requirement. For a lot of minors, it will not actively open the mode of guardianship, and the behavior of repaying and rewarding can still be carried out.

As the live platform is hot, the young people all over the country spend a lot of money to reward the host. In the face of this problem, almost all of the live platforms will require that the users are minors when they are playing the host, but how do they prove it? This has also become a major problem for parents of minors to recover their reward while maintaining their rights.

Lawyer: the civil act beyond the capacity of minors is invalid.

In recent years, at the same time, the rapid development of the network broadcast platform also exposes the problem of lack of supervision, not only the heavy disaster area of the spread of obscene articles, but also the lack of defense line for minors, which leads to the inability of the minors to indulge the live broadcast platform, and repeatedly appears to reprove the events of the host.

"The ability of minors to control themselves is poor, and a lot of behavior needs to be regulated by the parents. Even if they are willing to reward the host, the behavior of the minors is also ineffective." Mr. Chu, a lawyer in Zhengzhou, said that the law of our country stipulates that a minor under the age of 10 is a person under the age and intelligence of a minor under the age and intelligence of a minor who is under the age of 18, and other civil activities are represented by his legal agent or with the consent of his legal agent. If it is beyond the capacity of conduct, unless the parents ratify it, the civil act is void.

Indeed, minors do not have the ability to deal with a large amount of property, on the one hand, parents should care for good children, on the other hand, the network broadcast platform should be gradually improved. "The regulatory authorities should focus next on whether some network anchors have the ability to induce users, especially minors." Mr. Chu said that the webcast platform should gradually improve the risk prompts, fulfill the obligation to examine and verify identity.

In addition, there are also people in the industry think that, at the moment of the popularization of the mobile Internet, the way of payment becomes faster and faster. Parents should strengthen safety precautions for children to play mobile phones, and guide children to develop healthy and active Internet usage habits.

Source: Zhengzhou Evening News

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