Ali cloud ET industrial brain: the next three years to connect 1 million production lines and equipment

Ali cloud ET industrial brain: the next three years to connect 1 million production lines and equipment

Wang Hai

After accumulating more than 20 successful cases, Ali cloud announced the opening of the ET industrial brain platform.

In August 1st, Min Wanli, the chief scientist of Ali's machine intelligence, told the first financial reporter: "the goal of the industrial brain is to grafted artificial intelligence and large data technology to the production line, helping the production enterprises to realize the synergy of production flow, data flow and control flow, enhance the efficiency of production line, and realize autonomy by autonomous and controllable path." Controlled intelligent manufacturing. "

It is reported that the ET industrial brain open platform will open three major industry knowledge maps, 19 business models, 7 industry data models and more than 20 industry algorithm models. At the same time, ecological partners can program on this platform to integrate industry knowledge, large data capabilities, and AI algorithms to the factory. Custom smart applications.

Take the petrochemical industry for example, in March this year, Aliyun and Hengyi Petrochemical began to carry out industrial digital cooperation, resulting in a 3% reduction in coal consumption in petrochemical production.

For the enterprise, on the ET industrial brain open platform, only two steps can be used to build an intelligent factory, that is to realize the fast cloud first through the data factory, and then train the exclusive intelligence of the factory based on the AI creation.

Chen Pengyu, director of ET industry brain products in Ali Yun, told the first financial reporter that the ET industrial brain could quickly train the industrial intelligence of the enterprise, that is, using data from the data factory and based on business experience, the industrial intelligent application of the enterprise is obtained.

"At present, there are less than 25 people in the ET industrial brain team." Min Wanli told reporters that the goal of the ET industrial brain platform is to connect 1 million production lines and equipment in three years.

More emphasis on the industrial Internet field than Ali cloud.

As a rival of Ali cloud, Tencent cloud has long laid out the industrial Internet field. Based on the technical accumulation and advantages of Tencent for many years in the fields of cloud computing, large data and artificial intelligence, the Tencent has been working with companies such as Sany (600031.SH) and Foxconn to provide enterprises with a complete set of digital applications from production to customer relationship management and further promotion of enterprises. The operation efficiency of the industry.

Compared with traditional manufacturing enterprises, the main line behind the deployment of industrial manufacturing industry, such as Ali, Tencent and other Internet enterprises, is the advantage of the Internet and cloud computing. Distinguished from the consumer cloud, industrial cloud data processing capacity and complexity is several times that of the consumer cloud, accuracy requirements are higher.

However, no matter Ali or Tencent, they are good at Internet technology, but the construction of the cloud platform needs professional and comprehensive industrial knowledge to support the deep understanding of the pain and logic of industrial manufacturing. These are not what Ali and Tencent are good at.

The reporter learned that the industrial digital transformation has three layers: the collection of line data, the global decision based on data, the results of the analysis and the real-time control of the control instructions. The ET industry brain does only 1/3 of them, that is, data based global decision-making, and the other links are cooperating with the raw partners.

Ali Yun said that in the next 3 years, Ali Yun will recruit thousands of ecological partners in the industrial field to realize the large-scale replication of successful cases of intelligent manufacturing and accelerate the digital transformation of manufacturing industry.

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