FF91 completed vehicle progress 40% Jia Yue Ting promised to deliver at the end of the year is not difficult.

FF91 completed vehicle progress 40% Jia Yue Ting promised to deliver at the end of the year is not difficult.

FF91 completed vehicle progress 40% Jia Yue Ting promised to deliver at the end of the year is not difficult.

Gong Mengze, a journalist from our newspaper

Not long ago, Hengda Group invested heavily in Jia Yueting's Faraday Faraday Future (hereinafter referred to as FF). The FF high profile announced that the first luxury electric car FF91 (BiW) has been officially completed and has successfully completed the vehicle assembly. The first FF91 delivery is expected to be completed from December to mid 2019 this year, according to FF high profile.

According to the Securities Daily reporter, the FF91 white body is presented in an original chassis, welded and assembled together before the power system, decoration or coating is configured. Some people in the industry told reporters that rolling steel into the car production workshop, to be cut, stamping, welding to form a complete body, then after the painting and assembly. FF currently calls the body in white just finished welding, and there are two big car work behind. "The four processes of vehicle production are stamping, welding, coating and total. In terms of mass production, BIW Welding is about 40% of vehicle production.

These people said that the success of the body-in-white manufacturing in fact can not be directly linked to mass production, if must be estimated may not be more than a year. "At the present stage, it can be called engineering trial vehicle at best. For example, facial recognition, single-hull body structure, panoramic skylight and other super-runway design will make FF91 vehicle production difficulty sharply increased.

It is reported that the goal of FF is to deliver FF91 successfully at the end of 2018. While Xu Jia also made clear that investment FF is the right decision, and Heng Da will give full support to FF in the aspects of capital, production base construction and product sales.

The person in charge of the automobile manufacturing plant told the reporter of the Securities Daily that if it is to produce mature products, the fast enterprises can complete the whole vehicle downline for 1 days, and the slow pace enterprises need 2 to 3 days. But if it is the development of new products, it is generally to be developed for 38 months to 52 months. "It depends on whether the sample car is a EP prototype, a PPV sample car, a PP sample car or a P prototype car."

"From the previous FF display of the appearance of the stereotype car and invited the media to try on the engineering prototype, the mule car (EP prototype) may not count. This is still a long way from SOP (beginning mass production), and SOP is very challenging at the end of the year. At the same time, the above said that mass production and production processes are not yet a concept. The prototype car has nothing to do with BIW.

In fact, in addition to the point of view of the production and manufacturing of the car itself, whether the FF production plant can put into normal production as scheduled has also become another important factor that interferes with the delivery of FF at the end of the year.

As a discarded tire factory, the Hanford factory, as an abandoned tire factory, started dismantling the interior of the workshop in March this year, and began to set up the initial work of the internal workshop in May, including the laying of the foundation, ventilation, sewage pipes, circuits, and so on, "the Hanford Daily" found that the Hanford factory, as an abandoned tire factory, took over in March this year. From the scene pictures at that time, the main equipment is still not coming in, and the workshop is arranged in disorder.

Until July 17th, FF said that its Hanford plant in the United States was awarded the government's temporary office license (TCO), the factory management power before full time operation. However, even after the acquisition of TCO, the Hanford plant has to apply for conditional use of CCO and the final COO.

In contrast, in May 2010, when Tesla bought TOYOTA and GM's new United automobile manufacturer, it took two years to be efficient, like musk, and the reformed object was a car factory. Although the Hanford plant occupies twice as much land as the Tesla plant and has poor engineering standards, it is expected to take eight to 10 months to build. On the basis of this, even the small batch delivery of FF91 at the end of the year will be very difficult for Jia Yueting.

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