Opera shares are facing difficulties in breaking down and listing

Opera shares are facing difficulties in breaking down and listing

Liu Sihui, a journalist from our newspaper

An old Norway browser, Opera, who had poor performance, landed on NASDAQ after being bought by a consortium of the world's world's world and the Qihoo 360.

This acquisition took place in 2016, two years, from the results of the report, after the Qihoo 360 and Kunlun world wide web of Opera, performance improved, 2017 Opera revenue of 128 million 900 thousand US dollars, an increase of 20.1% compared with 2016, adjusted net profit of 17 million 796 thousand US dollars, reversing the year of 2016 loss situation.

On July 27th, Opera closed on the first day of the market, with a share price of $13.11 / share, up 9.25% of the $12 issue price. However, the stock price began to decline in July 30th, the opening price was $12.67 / share on the day, and the closing price was once broken. The closing price was 12.01 US dollars per share, and the price was flat; in July 31st, company shares The price was further sluggish, with an opening price of $12.03 / share, which reached a price of $12.09 / share at the final closing price; Opera was $12 at the time of last night's release.

As for how to improve the user's ARPU (average income per user) after the listing and the planning after the market, the Securities Daily reporter contacted each other by the Opera.

Opera NASDAQ listing

On the evening of July 27th, Opera Limited was officially listed on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange. Public information shows that Opera issued 9 million 600 thousand US depositary receipts at a price of $12 per share.

Looking at Opera official data, Opera is divided into computer browsers and mobile applications, which are currently free. In fact, from Opera's previous development, the browser began to be a charge model and has been crushed by the safari from IE, Google, Firefox, and apple from the influence of the overseas market.

In the NOKIA era, Opera was relatively good, with the simple use of Opera mini, Opera quickly established its position in the mobile browser market. However, with the rise of new smart machines, the status of Apple preinstalled Safari, Android preinstalled Chrome, Opera and other three party browsers continued to decline.

It can also explain why the 23 year old Browse Companies has been infamous, and even the company's leaders are looking for the buy-out publicly, which shows that the founders really don't stick to it.

From publicly available information, Opera was in contact with the cheetah before the world wide world and Qihoo 360 in Kunlun, and the cheetah founder and chief executive Fu Sheng even went to Norway Oslo and Opera to talk about the merger and acquisition. It is said that all the major shareholders and management of Opera have emerged, but ultimately because of the Opera opening. The price is too high and the two sides have not reached an agreement.

Two years later, in 2016, Opera was taken over by the world wide world and Qihoo 360 in Kunlun, and it is said that the Qihoo 360's Zhou Hongyi was looking for Zhou Yahui in the world of Kunlun. From the share structure of Opera, Zhou Yahui has the absolute right to speak.

Under the leadership of Zhou Yahui, Opera landed on NASDAQ two years later, the speed was very fast. From the financial statements, the Opera market share was continuously crushed and the performance was worrying. After Zhou Yahui's entry, the situation began to improve. In the first quarter of 2018, the Opera revenue was $39 million 446 thousand, adjusted. The net profit was 9 million 870 thousand US dollars; in 2017, the revenue of Opera was $128 million 900 thousand, and the net profit after adjustment was $17 million 796 thousand, and the net loss of 9 million 226 thousand US dollars after the 2016 adjustment was compared.

Far from the mainstream browsers

Listing the old browsers was once again understood by the public. From the current stock price performance, although it went high on the day of the opening, the performance of the next few days fell straight and even broke the issue price.

The essence is that the competitiveness of the product is not enough. From the point of view of the industry, Opera is not very competitive at least from the present. From the global point of view, the more powerful browsers are IE, chrome, Firefox, Safari and so on.

And the domestic browser war is more intense, for example, 360, Sogou, Baidu, QQ and Cheetah browsers have not reached the absolute position, but each has its own characteristics, in the Chinese market renamed to European Opera did not show a particularly strong competitiveness.

From the current strategic layout of Opera, there is no plan to enter the Chinese market. Besides, there are 360 browsers in the Chinese market, and Opera comes in a piece of soup. It is easy to form a competition in the same industry. It is believed that Zhou Hongyi's first value in Opera is also the ability to expand overseas.

Although Opera has up to 320 million months of live users, 100 million of them are in Africa, 100 million in Southeast and South Asia, 60 million in Europe, and most of the user's distribution in the underdeveloped countries is slightly embarrassed, which means that the ARPU (average income per user) of Opera users is contrasting. The opponent is relatively low. As a public company, making money is still more important. How to transform disadvantages into advantages and improve ARPU has become the focus of follow-up.

Opera has too many products, a slightly confused product line, and it is difficult to promote compatibility and business models.

In this listing, Zhou Yahui also mainly talks about the above difficulties: changing its single browser mode and combining the fields of news and video to improve the frequency and stickiness of users.

It is noteworthy that the success of the major browsers has a unique background, for example, the success of IE by system bundling, Firefox was once a member of the Google, and Chrome has controlled most of the traffic on the desktop and the mobile platform. Therefore, although Opera has a large number of essential functions of modern browsers, it seems far away from mainstream browsers.

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