Google plans to rebuild a data center in Singapore

Google plans to rebuild a data center in Singapore

Google plans to rebuild a data center in Singapore

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According to media reports in August 1st, in order to meet the market demand for cloud services, the Internet giant Google will set up third data centers in Singapore, which is planned to start and run in 2020.

In 2011, Google established the first data center in Singapore and added a data center four years later. The company said in a blog article that it will build third data centers located in Jurong West on the basis of the first two buildings and will increase the long-term investment of the local data center to $850 million. Google said earlier that when it launched second data centers in 2015, its total investment amounted to $500 million.

Joe Cava, vice president of Google's Global Data Center, said the investment was due to the rapid growth of users and usage in the region. "The latest survey shows that more than 70 million people start the first Internet access in Southeast Asia, making it more than 330 million users in the region - more than the entire population in the United States," he said. He added that more and more enterprises such as Singapore Airlines and Go-Jek are also expanding their demand for cloud services.

The two quarterly report released by Google's parent company Alphabet in July 23rd showed that the company's capital expenditure reached $5 billion 480 million in the period, compared with only $2 billion 480 million in the same period last year. According to CNBC, capital expenditure almost doubled in the two quarter, because Google continued to build data centers for its cloud services and other products. In a conference call with analysts, Alphabet Chief Financial Officer Ruth Polat also specifically mentioned cloud computing as the company's new growth business.

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