This is the most standardized standard of honor for the Chinese soldiers.

This is the most standardized standard of honor for the Chinese soldiers.

Original title: your heroic posture is the look of a strong motherland in our hearts.

The three army honor guards are made in this way

Beijing time on July 30th, at 5 a.m., the sky was just beginning to dawn.

The the Imperial Palace, which has not yet disappeared, is particularly quiet. The red wall shows an ancient flavor in the shade of a green tree. The door hole of the door opened, the breeze rolled up the dust, looking out from the outside, as if to see through the years, a hundred years ago a dramatic historical event in front of the scene.

"Step, step, step, step..." The sound of neat footsteps sounded. The sound came from far and near, and hit the bluestone at the foot slightly trembling. The sound of the footsteps is like a huge stone thrown into the water, which ripples and spreads to all directions. Looking ahead in the direction of the sound, a neat and powerful team is stepping out of the door. 66 the pair of boots rises and falls, and the steel guns on the shoulders shine brightly in the morning. The vigorous pace, the tall and upright body, the firm expression, the 66 people as if one. The flag bearer holding the five-star red flag walked in front of the line, looked forward over his head, and in front of the Tiananmen Tower was the flagpole in the square.

At the same time that the team was escorting the flag through the Tiananmen Tower, a clear military whistle sounded in a barracks west of Beijing. Suddenly, a majestic shout rang throughout the camp, commands and responses ignited the morning air, and the atmosphere of the camp boiled. A moment later, the soldiers of Wei and Wei had been standing in a neat queue and started running in the morning. It's less than 5 minutes from getting up and getting together.

This is an ordinary morning for the army, navy and air force honor guard of the Chinese people's Liberation Army. When they completed their routine tasks and training, many people in Beijing just got up.

The guard of the army, navy and air forces of the Chinese people's Liberation Army is the only military honor guard in China. Some people have asked, what kind of army is the army honor guard?

Nixon, the president of the United States, has praised her as the world's most outstanding guard of honor. Queen Elizabeth II of the British Queen appraised her all the world, and the emperor of Japan bowed to her, and the president of Kazakhstan, Nazarbayev, gave her a thumbs up... She bears the expectations of the people, the honor of the army, the dignity of the nation and the prestige of the country. Wherever she is in the world, her presence can always cause a sensation.

In numerous television pictures, you can see her figure in all the important international and domestic activities, such as the torrent of iron and steel, the mountain and the mountains.

When the National Anthem sounds, when the conductor's knife is drawn, the gun is on his shoulder, and he is walking up, you will cheer for her, move for her, and weep for her.

Because her majesty and unassuming attitude is the strong motherland in our hearts.

The most standard spirit of Chinese soldiers

"Your Excellency, the honor guard of the Chinese people's Liberation Army is finished. Please review it!"

In July 25th, on the training playground of 9600 square meters of the national honor guard camp, the voice of Guo Fengtong, the chief executive of the Chinese people's Liberation Army's army of honor guards, was reported in a loud voice.

There is an interesting detail about this concise report: it is not called out, but is combined with shouting and shouting. So gentle and elegant, neither humble nor overbearing, and more dignified and dignified.

Meticulous attention to detail and pursuit of the perfection of the military image is the iron rule of the honor guard of the three armed forces. From a new soldier to a qualified soldier of honor, it will take 3 stages: the transition from the recruits to the qualified soldiers, the transition from the qualified soldiers to the qualified guard of honor, the transition from the qualified guard to the excellent guard of honor.

"To be a qualified soldier of honor, we must be" five first class "," said Han Jie, the captain of the guard of honor, "it is to have first-class political quality, first-class work standard, first-class military action, first class external image and first-class mental state!"

In the selection of personnel, the collection of honor guards must undergo strict political examination and special selection. Not only does it require regular facial features, male honor guards also require height above 1.80 meters, and female honor guards require height above 1.73 meters. Even if the standard is reached, to be a qualified guard of honor, one must also experience mental, physical, psychological and physical hardship.

Military posture is the most basic gesture of soldiers, and also the basis of military image. The guard of honor is higher and demanding, not only to be mighty, but also to stand up for more than 3 hours in the burning sun and cold wind.

"Not only do you want to stand upright, but also you stand well." Li Maoting, Deputy squadron captain of the fourth honor guard, said, "The training requirement of the military posture is to straighten out the chest, knee, neck, head and abdomen. Only when you grasp these points, can you practice other actions. When we parade, we saw the guard of honor look like a piece of steel plate. Looking at it vertically and horizontally, it was a straight line, and Kungfu was just around the waist. You usually do not play well on the basis of practice, and you will have problems after you go out. So we often say that if you don't practice for one day, you can feel it; if you don't practice for three days, the monitor will see it; if you don't practice for ten days, the foreign head of state will see it."

The forward step is the basic step of the honor guard of the Third Army, but also a compulsory subject, the team requires to walk 100 meters without difference millimeters, walk 100 steps without difference seconds. In honor guard, we should take steps to pay attention to "kicking with the wind and landing on the ground". "To achieve" landing crashing ", we must first achieve" no pressure on knees, no legs, no pressure on toes not landing. " Cheng Cheng, the guard of the guard of honor guard, said that there would be no "training injury".

Compared with the "training injury", Fang Bo, who had participated in the National Day parade in 1999, was more willing to see it as a process of fitness under high intensity training. Zhu Zhenhua, the director of the training office of the honor guard, has a figurative metaphor: "it's like a boxer in sandbags and hands breaking, which is the only way for the soldiers to master the new movements."

In order to meet the demands of the guard, the soldiers thought a lot of ways: the head was not the pin, the arm was put on the rope, the sandbag was strapped to the kicking, and the T frame was not on the walk. Someone has done the calculation. A guard of honour kicked out for 5 years, equivalent to a twenty-five thousand Li Long March; each person's sweat added up to 1 tons in 2 years; and each person had to wear at least 7 pairs of leather shoes per year. Even in the winter of cold wind, sweat can be spilled from the 6 breathable mouths on both sides of their leather shoes.

The professional training of the guard is a test of willpower. Judging from your willpower, your resilience, your endurance, and even your character. So we say that we can take a good step before we can walk a good life. Li Maoting said.

In addition to military posture and positive steps, every look and expression of the guard of honor must be specially trained. According to the requirements of the honor guard of the Three Military Forces, each honor guard soldier in the face of foreign guests, to achieve "high spirits", "not humble and not overbearing. For this reason, they should practice their eyes in the light of the wind, and can not blink or tear for 40 seconds. They should train their eyes to the most standard spirit of Chinese servicemen.

After the first step is the training of the gun. The ceremonial guns of the honor guard are 56 semi-automatic rifles which are plated by electroplating, and the gold wood grain and silver gun are very powerful. On the parade ground, soldiers march forward with guns and concierges, but in training it takes a tough adjustment.

"7 and a half pounds of concierge dragged their hands with their guns, and their hands were shaking at noon. When the gun was lowered, there was an action to stick the gun on the arm. After several days of training, the arms were all green and purple. Honor guard Yang Renxing and Navy guard flag Wang Jian Chuan told reporters. Even so, at the beginning of the training, many soldiers stood spontaneously at gunpoint during the evening break to watch News Online.

In order to make a strong and vigorous force, the officers and men paid the hardships which ordinary people could not bear. For the noble honor of the great motherland, for the glorious image of the people's army, in order not to bear the expectations of the people, the sweat accompanied every soldier from the training field to the inspection field, with every soldier walking through his military career.

Put on a dress to carry out a mission

Li Maoting is an old soldier of a guard of honor.

In December 11, 2002, he joined the guard of honor, and he also wanted to remember his whole life.

"When I first joined the army, I weighed 208 Jin, and after 5 months training, my weight was 137 Jin."

16 years of enlistment, many of the guard's story, he has always been unforgettable.

There is such a soldier.

"When I was training the recruits, a soldier's ankle was worn out by a new shoe. By the time we finally found out, the wound had become a very deep blood hole. "

"Why did we find it so late? Because the soldier did not want to drag his legs to the collective, he had been able to endure pain and practice without telling us. Later, the pain was really unable to practice, and it was finally discovered.

Li Maoting said, I was angry at that time, said you can not, can not practice recently, you stay in the room wearing slippers, to learn the rules.

"Then one day I was out in the middle of the exercise, and I wanted to come back and see what the soldier was doing."

"I didn't find anyone in the barracks, and I found him in the bathroom."

Speaking of which, Li Maoting stopped and looked at me.

"The soldier is barefoot in the bathroom and is practicing his arm kick in front of the mirror."

In the interview of honor guard, a famous soldier told me a little story on the mission field.

In the task of welcoming the head of the foreign state, one of the soldiers' neck was wrapped around the neck of a large black mosquito with a blood sucking, which quickly became purple and drums up. But during the whole mission, he remained motionless and did not blink. The captain did not find it until he dropped out. People asked him why you didn't scratch. The soldier said, "because I'm wearing a dress, I'm carrying out my mission."

After telling the story, the soldier said, "as the honor guards of the three armed forces, the state and people are watching us. In military uniform, you are the son of a country first, followed by your parents' son. "

The warrior was in the army, and once joined the guard of honor in the army singing competition. When he came to his seat and was about to sit down, he found that there was no seat on his seat. At this point, the leader of the team had given the command to sit down, so he immediately squatted in the same motion, so that the horse took a stride, until the end of the game. When he got up, his seat was wet with sweat.

Liu Yuanhai, a soldier, was accidentally taken from his left shoulder to the lower right waist when he was carrying out his duty. He remained motionless with a split skin on his back, and his facial expression kept standing until the end, ensuring that the task was completed without mistakes. At this time, his back was already soaked in his own blood.

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