What is the first notice of concealment of debt? Easy to bring to the driver in another channel

What is the first notice of concealment of debt? Easy to bring to the driver in another channel

Liu Sihui, a journalist from our newspaper

"You see about 10 thousand yuan in my account, it can't be extracted at the moment, but the driver can bring it up after I hear that it is easy to reopen the account." In August 1st, a driver who was easy to get to the platform said when he communicated with the reporter of the Securities Daily that he only received the list on the platform. The reason is to choose whether or not to pick up the list, which is different from the drop. "I just do it part-time, I have my own job, work and spare time to pick up, a month can have a big income of several thousand yuan or so."

For the easy arrival of the network platform, people have long been unfamiliar with them. Because of the dispute between music vision and easy to reach, it is easy to get into the difficult position of the driver who has been caught on the platform.

After the entry of new large stockholders, everything seems to be on the right track. COO Wang Jun said in an interview with the reporter of the Securities Daily that it was easy to achieve profit by integrating the eastern resources of the stock, playing the unique dual selection model on the platform and the later value-added service model.

Unexpectedly, less than half a year ago, the original debt problem was ridden again. July 27, easy to announce again: the platform for the owner's account on July 20 was frozen before the court proceedings, the owner of the normal cash.

In response to this, the responsible person in charge of the response to the "Securities Daily" reporter said, "after the company has not been able to communicate in many aspects, now take an emergency plan, has opened a new current account access system. The platform will open the owner as soon as possible after the commissioning of the new cash discovery system. The specific time is based on the announcement.

Two degrees fall into difficulty

As a network contract platform, the driver is difficult to cash, the platform's influence is enormous, easy to get stuck on this issue.

The new shareholders' capital is easy to come to, and it has solved the above problems. It is not expected that the second half of this year will be repeated again, the cause of this time is also a pleasure.

Recently, it is easy to release the announcement that the platform is frozen in July 20th by the court, which has an impact on the owner's normal cash.

Before the announcement of the announcement, it is easy to announce that after the entry of Tao Yun capital, it found that the overall liabilities of the capital soared to nearly 5 billion yuan by more than 20 billion yuan, which was promised by music vision. "LTV has been trying to interfere with easy-to-get normal operations through affiliated transactions, which has also contributed to the easy financial strain."

The easy to say, for the unilateral action of the music vision, "after we have not been able to communicate in many aspects, we are now taking an emergency plan, which has opened a new current account access system."

The reporter can see that the owner of APP can only be presented in the 14:00-17:00 of the last working day of the week, and only once on the same day, the upper limit is 10 thousand yuan, and the owner has some small rules if it is put forward.

Easy to reach also announced that the platform will be debugged after the completion of the new cash system as soon as possible to open the owner's cash, the specific time to announce.

In this regard, the driver of the previous surname said when he communicated with the reporter of the Securities Daily, he did not worry about it. It was the income of the job, and it was important. "I think it is easy to get to this platform is a good cash flow company, and will not easily finish the egg."

How can Tao Yun capital solve the difficulties?

Easy to excellent cash flow does bring great benefits to the music vision. According to official data that is disclosed in July 2016, since the "100% return" began in November 17, 2015, the total amount of total recharge for users is more than 6 billion yuan. This 6 billion yuan is real white flowers of silver, and filled in 6 billion yuan, the need is nearly 12 billion yuan of service or goods to return, follow up financial situation, turnover is also as expected.

Under the above background, Wen Xiaodong controlled Tao Yun capital took over easily, and it had previously disclosed to the media that the investment is easy to consider three points: first, although it is easy to be a few easy to its owner, but no one of the network platform has experienced so many changes, after a thousand hammer smelting, the team is a valuable asset. Second, the travel market development has essential changes, easy to be everywhere in a more high-end market, some Mercedes Benz, BMW owners are still recognized easily, and easy to many high income high-end customers; third, based on the consideration of the distribution of capital capital itself.

The company is easy to get new profits through new business such as auto finance. At the same time, with the help of the overseas investment of Tao Yun capital, it is easy to make rapid distribution around the world, including Japan, Malaysia, China and other neighboring countries and regions, such as Hongkong.

It is not expected that the bad news is faster than the newspaper. Now, Tao Yun capital discovery, music vision to conceal huge debt and unilaterally initiate a lawsuit, the lawsuit directly causes the company's account to be frozen, how to answer the lawsuit, and how the capital will solve the current dilemma, this reporter will continue to pay attention.

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