Pakistan's position: the US wants to take the opportunity to stir up relations between China and Pakistan.

Pakistan's position: the US wants to take the opportunity to stir up relations between China and Pakistan.

Original title: Pakistan's position: the United States wants to take the opportunity to stir up relations between China and Pakistan, no way!

The financial times, released in July 31st, said Pakistan officials criticized the United States for trying to use Pakistan's financial situation to provoke relations between Islamabad and Beijing. Pakistani officials say the United States is trying to put pressure on Pakistan to reduce its acceptance of China's investment in its national infrastructure as one of the conditions for the IMF to approve an additional loan to the Pakistani side.

In an interview with the financial times, a senior Pakistan adviser told the financial times that the United States is trying to undermine China's greatest contribution to Pakistan's future. Another adviser added that the United States was trying to press Pakistan as much as possible because they had their own interests, but it was meaningless to stop the negotiations between Pakistan and IMF on a new plan, because if the road to IMF was blocked, Pakistan would look for other options.

The Financial Times said this week that Pakistan officials had made plans to ask the IMF to provide a $12 billion bail-out shortly after winning Imran Khan's new prime minister in Pakistan. Under the influence of high import and low export for many years, Pakistan's foreign exchange reserves are seriously insufficient.

But even before Pakistan demanded it, the United States, the IMF's largest shareholder, showed signs of opposition. US Secretary of state Mike Pompeio warned in July 30th that the additional funding from the IMF to Pakistan should not be used to repay Chinese investors to the Pakistan project. Pompeio said in an interview with CNBC, "we are going to pay attention to the work of IMF, and there is no reason to use IMF tax funds, including funds contributed by American taxpayers as part of the IMF funds to relieve the bondholders of China or China itself."

Mark Sobel, a former US IMF, followed Pompeio's comments in a blog article published by the United States, saying that IMF should get all the data on all the loans of the central and Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), including terms, duration and relevant parties. He also said that the terms of Chinese loans should be pragmatic and consistent with the sustainability of Pakistan. If this is not the case, China should rearrange or write down loans and substantially reduce the total amount of its claims.

At the beginning of July this year, the Wall Street journal revealed that Pakistan's payments for some of the loans, including a project to build a new power plant, were in arrears.

China has not yet commented on the potential provisions of the International Monetary Fund to rescue Pakistan. At a regular press conference in China's foreign ministry in July 31st, spokesman Geng Shuang said, "I think IMF has its own standards and rules when it comes to cooperation with the countries concerned." I believe they will handle it properly. "

At present, China is still helping Pakistan to tide over difficulties through short-term loans. According to local media in Pakistan, since last week's general election in Pakistan, China has agreed to offer a $2 billion loan to Islamabad, while Pakistan has borrowed $5 billion from China's commercial bank at the end of the year.

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