Men and women net friends love for 7 years have not been deceived by middle-aged aunt 400 thousand

Men and women net friends love for 7 years have not been deceived by middle-aged aunt 400 thousand

Original title: online love has not seen for seven years. A man in Yunnan has been cheated by more than 40.

"Husband, help me, please borrow some money quickly." In seven years, a man in Honghe, Yunnan Province, lent more than 400,000 yuan to a girlfriend he had never met. Who, after the success of the women, not only lavish, but also keeps on marrying, divorcing, remarriage, and having children. But the hero is not him. In the end, the man found himself deceived into being aware of the alarm.

This year, in May 21st, the Public Security Bureau of Jianshui County of the Honghe Hani Autonomous Prefecture of Honghe, Yunnan Province, received a warning from a man that he met the network fraud and was successively cheated more than 40 million yuan.

According to introduction, in 2010, infatuated man field through the mobile phone QQ software to know the woman Du Mouping, after a period of communication, two people determined the relationship, and gradually started to use WeChat, telephone and other ways to further exchange. In more than seven years, Tian and Du had numerous chats, videos, calls, but not one offline meeting.

During this period, Du Mouping experienced marriage, divorce, remarriage, and son. From a single young woman to a middle-aged hot mother, Tian did not know anything about it.

In the case of Du Mouping, who knew that he could not be a real lover with Tian, he insisted on the identity of a certain girlfriend in Tian, and made up his own or friends' illness, repaying his credit card, and dealing with the emergency affairs. Huo is empty.

At present, the suspect duo has been arrested by Jianshui County Public Security Bureau, and the case is being further processed.

Source: Yunnan network

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