The two thieves stole from the villa and found that they were all more afraid of money.

The two thieves stole from the villa and found that they were all more afraid of money.

Original title: two thieves stole villas, found in the house is all money! The more afraid of the more...

"We didn't think we could steal so much money. At that time we were so excited that we found a short sleeved dress in the villa and pushed money into it, but the more we got back to the hotel, the more scared it was." Recently, Daqing police went to Daqing, Harbin, anda three places, captured the "7 24 extra large Burglary" of the two suspects, breaking a series of broken windows theft villas more than ten cases, a total of stolen money and stolen goods totaling more than 80 million yuan, of which a case involved in the amount of up to 700 thousand yuan.

In July 24th, 9 hours, Daqing high tech District Public Security Bureau received the Daqing City Public Security Bureau command center to turn the police: the two building windows of a villa in the District of the lake city were pried, the Hong Kong dollar, the dollar, the RMB, the Singapore yuan, the Thai baht and the gold ornaments were stolen, and the total value of the stolen goods was more than 70 million yuan.

Daqing Public Security Bureau Criminal Investigation Detachment, High-tech Zone Public Security sub Bureau and related units constitute a joint task force to investigate. After on-site investigation, the 2 members of the young men were identified as Zhao Zhelin and Zhaodong's Cao Nanbing. After learning that Zhao Zhelin was hiding in Hashi and Cao Nanbing in Anda, on the early morning of July 25, the special team launched two separate arrests. At about 8 o'clock, with the assistance of Harbin Songbei Police, the police of the special group arrested the suspect Zhao Zhelin in a hotel in Harbin Songbei District. At 15 o'clock that day, another group of police in the task force captured the suspect Cao Nanbing in Siping mountain village, Jetion Gang Town, Anda City. In the hotel bed and the suspect's home, the police seized the cash which was drying, and the gold bowl and chopsticks, watches, jewellery, famous tobacco wine, post, tea and so on a large number of stolen goods, worth more than 80 million yuan.

After interrogation, the suspect Zhao Zhelin and Cao Nanbing explained that two were primary school classmates. They were loans on the Internet, with a total loan amount of about 40 thousand yuan, and two people had the idea of burglaries in order to repay the loan because they were unable to return the phone and text messages every day.

Wang Gang, deputy chief of the four brigade of the criminal investigation of Daqing Hi-Tech District Public Security Bureau, told reporters that from May, two people were ganged up to carry out burglary for high-grade residential quarters in Daqing, Harbin and Lanxi. Before the theft, two people were particularly "in place", for example, in July 24th, the two people, two days before the case, two to the surrounding area of the villa, squatted from 20 to midnight, and judged whether people lived in the room without lighting the lights.

In the early morning of July 24th, two people turned over the peripheral railings of the villa area, and held a crowbar and screwdriver to the remote side of the lake on the trampled point, and used tools to pry open the floor window to the room. "At the time, we turned the watch, jewelry, tobacco and wine, but on the two floor, the scene made us scared. Only the house was covered with money, except for the RMB and a lot of foreign currency, and the money was wet. I didn't see so much money in my life. I didn't think I could steal it. Without a big pocket, I found a short sleeved dress in this house, stuffed money into his clothes, and ran quickly, and it was exciting. You can go back to the guesthouse for a few dollars, but the more you fear, the more. The suspect said.

According to the checking, the cash includes 15,000 RMB, 740,000 Hong Kong dollars, 8,600 US dollars, and some Singapore dollars, baht and Japanese yen. Because it is still wet, the suspect put a bed in the hotel, spread out to dry.

The police told reporters that the stolen villas were actually inhabited, and the owner of the house was reported to the police the next day. According to the landlord, the safe in the basement was filled with water because of the rain, and the cash inside was blistered, so he took it out to dry on the second floor.

The two men confessed that in addition to committing many crimes in Daqing, they also had a villa burglary in Songbei District of Harbin City, together with a burglary in Lanxi. At present, the case is being further investigated. (the suspect is the name of the chemical)

Source: Harbin daily

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