Nearly half of Taiwan's people are negotiating the Taiwan independence giants.

Nearly half of Taiwan's people are negotiating the Taiwan independence giants.

Original title: Taiwan nearly half of the people are very middle and lower negotiations "independent" big man exclaimed Cai Cai hard hit the iceberg.

[Global Times special correspondent Li Ming in Taipei] the attitude of Taiwan people to China has changed. According to the 1 day of the Taiwan central electronic newspaper, the latest popular poll published by the electronic newspaper of the green island of beautiful island shows that "if any negotiation between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait is negotiated, we must first express the acceptance of the same party on both sides of the Straits", and 46.3% of the respondents agree that Cai Yingwen negotiated with the mainland in this case, and 36.7% of the people disapprove.

The former Democratic Progressive Party "legislator" Lin Chao Shui exclaimed in Facebook, which was stunned and completely reversed last year. He believes that the government's failure to govern is the key to the decline of the glory of the Taiwan. "If the Tsai government reacts, it will become the Titanic, which is hard to hit the iceberg, and will be eliminated like the sunken bottom of the sea." The analysis said the results showed that people had changed their views on the issue for a year and a half. A year ago, 36.2% of the people in the beautiful island electronic newspaper agreed, and 47.2% were against it.

At the same time, the survey showed that 35% of the interviewees thought Taiwan was more responsible, 29.3% considered the mainland, and 16.2% believed that both sides were responsible. In last year's survey, Taiwan accounted for 33.4% of the total responsibility and 31.3% for the mainland. This shows that "compared with last year, this year that Taiwan has a greater responsibility than mainland China". In the medium - time electronic report, the DPP has been in power for more than two years and the cross-straits relations have reached a deadlock. Lu guest does not make the Taiwan sightseeing industry dismal. The mainland has offered 31 articles to the Taiwan Strait at the end of February, and the attraction of the Taiwanese is greatly increased.

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