60 years ago, the Soviet Union taught Beijing to repair the subway. Now Beijing enterprises enter the Russian subway market.

60 years ago, the Soviet Union taught Beijing to repair the subway. Now Beijing enterprises enter the Russian subway market.

Original title: 60 years ago, Soviet experts guided Beijing to repair the subway; after 60 years, Beijing enterprises entered the Moscow Metro market.

Source: Beijing daily

Many subway fans have collected such a circuit diagram.

This is the earliest map of the Beijing subway.

It was completed under the guidance of Soviet experts.

In 1953, the Beijing Municipal Committee reported to the Central Committee on the draft plan for the reconstruction and expansion of Beijing. The draft concerning the construction of the subway raises the question of inviting the central government to consider the possibility of establishing a special agency and employing Soviet experts for exploration and research. Three years later, a Soviet group of subway experts, headed by the chief engineer of the Moscow Metro Design Bureau, Bari Shunikov, came to Beijing.

More than 60 years later, the Beijing Metro technology team went to Moscow to take part in the design and construction of the local subway project. Beijing daily (ID:Beijing_Daily) reporter learned that the design and construction enterprises in Beijing were bid for the three section of the three station transfer line of the Moscow metro, which has been officially started in the near future. This is the first time that foreign design and construction enterprises have entered the Moscow Metro market.

In June 3rd, the core components of the shield hoisting machine were hoisted in Moscow. The core components of the third shield machines were successfully hoisted in southwestern Moscow by China's China iron construction Limited by Share Ltd (China iron construction) on 3 days. It was prepared for the tunneling of the subway tunnel, marking the smooth progress of the construction of the Moscow subway project. Xinhua News Agency

First, a coincidence -

In 1958, the Beijing subway preparatory office and other units jointly formed the underground railway design office. This design office is precisely the predecessor of the Beijing urban design and development group, which is responsible for the project design.

Many of the members of the design department were technicians guided by Soviet experts, and a group of students who went to the Soviet Union to study the subway project in the last century in the 50s. These people presided over the construction of Beijing Metro Line 1 in 1965.

Beijing Metro planning began in 1953. The project was built in 1965. The earliest line was completed in 1969 and started in 1971. It is the first subway system in China. Fuchengmen station.

It is not difficult to understand that the early 1 line and 2 line of the Beijing subway are somewhat similar to the Moscow Metro in architectural style. Even in the early stages of the underground tunnel engineering standards and norms, many of the contents were written in reference to the Soviet Union.

Over the past 60 years, the rapid development of Beijing metro, design, construction, equipment and many other technologies have moved to the forefront of the world. The head of Beijing urban design and development group gave an example:

In the construction specification of the Russian subway, a number of subsidiary structures of different functions should be set up in the subway, mainly for ventilation wells, pump stations and liaison channels, and these subsidiary structures are also available in the Chinese subway range.

The practice of the Moscow subway is the construction of all the subsidiary structures in each section, and the construction method is very complex; and the Chinese rule of law, under the condition of meeting the standard, integrates the ventilation wells, the pumping stations and the liaison channels together through the comprehensive adjustment of various specialties, so that only a subsidiary structure can be built to meet the requirements. There are functional requirements, saving a lot of land resources.

In the communication between the two sides, the designer showed the advantages of the Chinese scheme. Through the optimization of the subsidiary structure, the Russian standard was satisfied. Finally, it was allowed to try out the design.

The reporter from Beijing Daily learned that the third transfer loop of Moscow Metro was involved in the design and construction. According to the contract, the Chinese side will complete the preliminary design and construction of the vill ninsky Street station, the Emmelle Street station and the Emmelle Jef Schaye highway station and the adjacent three intervals before 2019. The main body of the station and the shield section are all designed and constructed by the Chinese enterprises.

In October 2016, the preliminary design contract was formally signed. The person in charge of Beijing city construction and design development group said that the order of this order is a huge task. It is necessary to complete the construction, structure, construction organization and design, engineering economy, environmental protection, and so on.

There is a bright spot. Many small partners have seen the magnificent picture of the Moscow subway through pictures. The Chinese enterprises are also responsible for the design of three of the stations, and the station will reflect the strong Chinese wind.

Station platform of the rice station

Taking the Micklin station as an example, the architectural form of the station continues the architectural form of the traditional end - head platform of the Russian subway, and in the decoration, the MI Qiu Lin station uses more traditional Chinese elements, the pillars, the lighting fixtures and the ceiling form are designed from the traditional Chinese ancient construction, through the decoration. It is the traditional culture of China.

Among them, red stone dry columns are used in the platform of the platform. Red is the traditional Chinese festival color, and it is also widely used in the imperial ancient construction in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. In the lighting of the use of aluminum plate packaging molding lamps, lighting under the LED direct lighting, can provide sufficient brightness for the station, and on both sides of the lamps and lanterns are used in the pattern of perforated aluminum plates, light from the hole, the light and window lattice on the side of the lamps and lanterns, these two patterns are from China It is extracted from the traditional culture.

The ceiling part uses the traditional form of the checkerboard square. The color uses the same red as the column, while strengthening the overall design of the station, it also strengthens the display of the Chinese elements in the station.

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