Taiwan independence urged the fishermen of the Five Starred Red Flag platform to be furious: not to be bullied by foreign countries.

Taiwan independence urged the fishermen of the Five Starred Red Flag platform to be furious: not to be bullied by foreign countries.

Original title: "Taiwan independence" has urged the fishermen to ban the five star red flag.

In July 31st, the Taiwan authorities held a meeting to review the so-called "ban hang five star red flag referendum" proposed by the island's "single faction" in the island. The "review" of the first stage of the proposal did not pass through.

According to the news of the China times in Taiwan, on the same day, after the Taiwan region 's "selected meeting", the "time limit for correction" was required. In August 7th, the "review" would be re examined and decided to "approve or dismiss". The report said that the so-called "ban on five star red flag referendum" was put forward by Liu Yaohua, an associate professor at Feng Jia University in May 22nd. After "accepting", the "hearing" was held in July 5th, and the "deadline for correction" was asked yesterday.

In this regard, the fishermen in the island said, "do not let the five star red flag, our fishermen go to sea and be bullied by the Japanese" "the five star red flag is forbidden, and the fishermen are asked to be blackmailed."

And the netizen said, "strange!" Can we hang the flag of the United States and Japan and hang the five star red flag? " "The ban on the five star red flag is the" independence "of the lamentable and narrow view, completely unable to keep up with the trend of the times" now, often in Taiwan can see the five star red flag fluttering.

Hong Xiuzhu, the former chairman of the Chinese Kuomintang, responded earlier this month that flying the five-star red flag is a freedom for the people. Can it be stopped?

According to the news of Hongkong's "China Review society", Hong Xiuzhu said on the same day that the Democratic Progressive Party authorities had nothing to do with it. It was the hope that the two sides had better not come and go. But this is the freedom of the civil affairs. It is not of great significance to ban it today. Is it possible to do a "referendum" in this way to stop it? Hong Xiuzhu said, "the more we want to ban, the more we will feel unhappy."

"There is no reason to ban (five star red flags) at all," said Lv Xuezhang, a former party chief of the Hsinchu municipal Party department before the Kuomintang. Lv Xuezhang also said that the five star red flag is the same as the national flag of other countries, the Democratic Progressive Party said, to follow the Chinese mainland, the actual action, instead of excluding the Chinese mainland, why other national flags can be suspended in Taiwan, only five star red flag is not allowed?

"Taiwan is full of five star red flags in the morning and evening."

In fact, the people of the island have raised the five-star red flag to oppose "Taiwan independence". Even stars are no exception. Taiwan entertainer Huang An has repeatedly expressed support for the reunification of the two sides and denounced the Taiwan authorities' refusal to recognize the "92 consensus". According to Taiwan's "United newspaper", Huang An recently said that there are only a dozen "friendly states" left in Taiwan, who do not know the meaning of "dead support" and "self deception".

Huang An bluntly said, "Anyway, there is a premise on both sides of the Strait that will not change, that is, we are the children of the Chinese nation." He also called the "Taiwan independence", "after the unification of the two sides, Taiwan will be full of five star red flags, and continue to" not be alone "to mix time, but unity is the general trend of the times.

As for the so-called "referendum", the spokesman of the National Taiwan office has clearly pointed out that such a "referendum" is actually taking the interests of the people of Taiwan as a gamble to challenge the principle of the one central government and to create the opposite sides of the two sides of the Taiwan Straits. (overseas network Zhu Xiao)

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