Grandma turned around for a few minutes. When she was 3 years old, her granddaughter disappeared when she found two Yin and Yang.

Grandma turned around for a few minutes. When she was 3 years old, her granddaughter disappeared when she found two Yin and Yang.

Original title: grandma turned around for a few minutes, disappeared in the 3 year old granddaughter community. When found, it is the two septum of yin and Yang.

The girl was just 3 years old this year.

Ordinary dad is busy working outside.

The round is looked after by mother and grandmother.


An accident broke the peace of the family.

Grandma turned around for a few minutes

3 year old granddaughter fell into a manhole to drown

In a weekend in January, a grandmother in Shanghai was playing around the flower bed downstairs. Before long, Grandma wanted to go to the bathroom. She saw Yuanyuan playing happily. She wanted to be close to home. She quickly went back and left Yuanyuan playing alone.

Unexpectedly, within a few minutes of Grandma's departure, Yuanyuan fell into a well in the green belt of the community, and died after rescue.

The 3 year old life ended abruptly, which caused the whole family to be in great sorrow.

Family prosecution

One trial property is responsible for 20%

The round parents think that the management of the residential property company is not in place, and it has not set up an effective guardrail warning or replacement in time. The family filed a lawsuit against the court, demanding that the property company bear 80% of the liability.

The court of first instance believes that the parents have not done the duty of guardianship, and have a great responsibility for the accident; the property company should bear the liability for infringement of the hidden danger of manhole hidden in the green plant.

In accordance with the fault level of both parties, the court decided that the Property Management Company would be liable for 20% compensation, which amounted to a total compensation of over 27 yuan. Yuanyuan refused to accept the ruling and appealed to the Shanghai intermediate people's court.

Reform of the second trial

60% responsibilities of the property

In the second trial, the round parents still advocate the 80% main responsibilities of the property, and the property holds that the company is difficult to detect by the long-term coverage of the green planting deciduous leaves, and the round family members will take them alone only to cause the accident, and the guardian should bear the main responsibility.

Through the trial, the first intermediate people's Court of Shanghai believes that the property company is responsible for the management of the security and property maintenance services of the District, and the case involved in the case is used to discharge sewage in the district. As a manager, the property did not discover or eliminate the hidden danger in the well, causing the circle to fall into the manhole and drown.

At the same time, Yuanyuan's guardian has also made mistakes in the accident. This case applies the principle of negligence offset to reduce the tort liability of property management companies.

Recently, a central court, taking into account the extent of the fault and the cause of the accident, decided that the Property Management Company of the community had taken 60% liability for compensation and paid more than 81 million yuan for the loss of the children's parents.

Prevention of accidental injury to children

Can't afford a little negligence

The main controversy over the two trials is that the responsibility of the parties is greater.

The net friend thinks that the responsibility of the property can not be shirking.

However, it is also stressed that parents' care should not be absent.

In the final analysis, whether the management or guardian, any link of the omission, can cause irreparable consequences. It is the best protection to pursue responsibility after the tragedy, eliminate hidden dangers and avoid risks.

Home or community

It doesn't mean "absolute security"

The summer vacation has arrived, and it is also a frequent occurrence of children's accidents. Even in the home or community, does not mean that there is no risk, lurking in the side of the "murderer" in addition to the well, there are many hidden dangers need to be vigilant.

A fountain pool and an artificial lake

Many areas have fountain pools, artificial lakes, the purpose is to beautify the environment and enhance the quality. As we all know, due to poor property management and parental neglect, these landscapes often deprive children of their lives.

Besides the risk of drowning, the impact of the fountain can also cause harm to the human body.

In the summer, children love to play with water, and there are too many tragedies.

For drowning accidents, even for a young child, even a basin of water at home will become a killer.

Underground garage

Children play in the community, because of the blind area caused by shorter stature, accidents are often rolled by vehicles. But in underground garage entrance and exit play, because the light is dim, the driver's blind area increases, the risk is multiplied.

Residential elevator, air vent

Nowadays, there are elevators in high-rise residential buildings, but there are many cases of elevator accidents, some of them are faults, some are improper use.

For children, do not play around the elevator, do not play in the car, beat, climb, and touch all kinds of equipment press buttons, so as not to cause the accident. When you take the elevator, it's better to be led by an adult.

In addition, ventilation corridors and weak channels in the corridor should also be told to keep away from children.

Community amusement and fitness facilities

Fitness equipment and facilities in almost every district, for children, young people are not enough to have the ability to control equipment, even if you want to play also must be accompanied by parents to ensure the safety of the child.

The escalator and stone stool in the residential area will also rise sharply under the scorching sun.

A ground lamp or a landscape lamp

Some floor lamps or landscape lights can be over 100 degrees C, children feel bright, out of curiosity to touch, the result will be instantly scalded.

There are lots and lots of risks... Young children are not only in a lively and active period, but also lack of awareness of external dangers. Parents and public place managers should improve their sense of responsibility.

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