The cancer girl gave herself a memorial service to her relatives and friends.

The cancer girl gave herself a memorial service to her relatives and friends.

Original title: Cancer girl to do their own memorial service, relatives and friends weep, she laughs: hold back for me.

Thank you.

My life was lined with decorating.

I gave me a ride today.

Your good, your good,

I remember it all.

This is in "if you are the one, 2",

Li Xiangshan, who is about to go to the end of life

At the farewell meeting of his own life,

Face a lot of friends,

Give your own Memorial.

Believe the movie,

It touched the heart of a lot of people.

I even fantasized about my "farewell to life".

Only Wang Yue, a girl from Harbin,

It's really done.

Although she is now away.

Wang Yuesheng has stomach cancer in his predecessor.

I didn't eat a bite for two months.

Life depends on the nutrient solution.

After the countdown of her life

A decision was made:

Do a farewell meeting for yourself.

I want to be alive

A memorial meeting,

Say goodbye to your life.

The husband, Wang Liang, who was always beside her, was surprised, even with some friends' opposition, but Wang Yue was very insistent that the day was in his mind.

"I will wear the clothes I like, full of flowers, and I will ask for the clothes of the guests. My slogan is' heaven on earth, my love is with you. '

In a video recorded by the hospital in 2016, the northeastern girl was very impressive. She laughed and shared her wonderful life with her friends and family. She thought she had no regrets. When I saw my friend weeping, Wang humorously spoke in the northeast dialect to "hold back for me." her optimism infected many people. As Tagore said, "let life be beautiful like summer flowers and death like autumn leaves."

Wang Yue, who is more beautiful than the bride, came to the venue, like the feeling that she and Wang Liang were married again. The host was her younger. All of you here are Wang Yue's best friends, and there are hidden tears in their smiles.

Wang Yue's good friend prepared a surprise for her, a short video of Wang Yue and Wang Liang's love story. Wang Yue loves beauty. When he goes to work, he has to carry large boxes with beautiful clothes. Seeing her colleagues would not dress, she was more anxious than others, and could not help themselves.

In the hall, every friend came up to tell himself and Wang Yue's most memorable story. Wang Yue realized his wish today, and greeted the best wishes of his best friends with his most beautiful side.

Wang Yue sent a small lottery ticket to every friend who came. In order to activate the atmosphere and let laughter burst away tears, Wang Yue specially designed the lottery.

Wang Yue excitedly took a group photo with the friends who drew the prize.

Wang Liang's remarks on the stage made all the people cry. When he was chasing Wang Yue, he moved the king Yue with an umbrella and a bottle of water. Now he is still holding umbrellas for the king and doing his best for her survival. Wang Yue did not shed tears in the whole scene. She amused the whole audience with a northeastern flavor of "holding back for me." But Wang Liang's words made her hold back.

Wang Yue and Wang Liang are both after 80. The post-80s generation has been carrying negative labels for many years, and "catching up with nothing" and "catching up with everything" make this generation more stressed than the Post-70s and post-90s generation. The story of Wang Yue and Wang Liang made the world see the strong independence and courage of the 80's.

Some people say,

Cancer is the best way to leave.

Because it can give you time to do it

There's no time to do it,

It will give you time to say goodbye to your relatives.

Human beings can't overcome cancer for the time being.

But human courage and love,

It is also unbeatable.

Born as beautiful as summer flowers,

Death is like the beauty of the autumn leaves.

Tagore's "birds of flying birds"

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