Obama released a wave of "big move" to fight Trump in mid-term elections.

Obama released a wave of

Original title: Obama released a wave of "big move" intends to fight against Trump in mid-term elections.

Aug. 2, with less than 100 days of mid-term elections in the United States, Democrats who lost in the 2016 election are starting to move. Former US Secretary of state Hilllary Clinton made a donation to a number of Democratic congressman candidates. Former president Obama released the first "big trick" in August 1st and endorsed the 81 Democratic candidates to help his party reclaim the previously lost Senate and Senate seats in November, with Trump's seat. A strong confrontation with the party.

On the 1 day, Obama announced as many as 81 Democratic candidates to endorse the candidates for the governor, the house of Representatives, the Senate and the state. In a statement, Obama said he hoped to help the Democratic candidates get more opportunities with their own prestige, to help restore relations with American allies and to further commit themselves to justice and equity. He also described himself as "diverse, patriotic and kind hearted".

Democrats are now trying to seize control of the house of Representatives. They need to retake 23 Republican seats to take over the house, while the Senate faces a more severe challenge in the Senate. Although Republicans have only two seats, Democrats still face severe challenges in Trump's 2016 victory.

Obama has been in a relatively low profile in politics since the departure, but many Democrats have been expecting the former president in the party to "help" their campaign against Trump's Republican Party. In June, CNN quoted a source as saying that Obama had met with several Democrats who were planning to run for president in 2020 and offered suggestions, including how to best help Democrats compete with Trump.

Compared to Obama, Hilary's recent sense of existence is more "increasing". She not only criticised Trump's controversial "zero tolerance" immigration policy, but also donated to 19 Democratic congressmen and provided funding for 4 state parliamentarians. Hilary's spokesman Merrill revealed that the former Secretary of state was trying to cooperate with the Democratic Party, while the mid term elections in November were the most important mid-term elections in the United States. (overseas network Zhang Ni)

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