The girl and her daughter were also warned by her husband's anger every day.

The girl and her daughter were also warned by her husband's anger every day.

Original title: Liansheng 2 daughters were also forced by the husband every day to regenerate baby gas alarm

It is said that the child is the crystal of love.

Whether a boy or a girl,

It's a family bond and a lubricant.

But this is not the case in the eyes of 27 year old Jiangdu girl Xiaoding.

At noon on July 27th, Xiaoding reported to the Yangzhou maternal and child health care hospital and complained to her husband Xiao Zhang. The reason is that the husband ignored her and her daughter's objections and asked her to continue with the third child. For this matter, the husband even started with her.

Xiao Ding told reporters that he and her husband had two daughters, but husband Xiao Zhang wanted a boy, so she asked her to go to the hospital to take off the birth control ring, but the request was rejected by her words.

Xiao Ding said that because of the three child, she and her husband often had a dispute, in order not to let her husband succeed, she secretly went to the hospital on the birth control ring, this action caused the strong dissatisfaction of Xiao Zhang.

In July 27th, Xiao Zhang took Xiaoding and his two daughters to the hospital and asked Xiao Ding to remove the birth control ring. Xiaoding could not accept her husband's request and felt threatened, so he chose to call the police.

Seeing his wife call the police, there are many people around to watch, Xiao Zhang is both dissatisfied and embarrassed, pulling Xiao Ding wanted to go home, but Xiao Ding refused to go. After coordination, the two sides were temporarily separated from each other and calm down.

It is said that the husband and wife are quarrelling at the end of the bed. Xiao Ding told reporters that the reason for making the alarm is related to the idea that the husband and his family are patriarchal.

Xiaoding said she and her husband were single children, and their husbands lived in Gaoyou. Po's family especially wanted to have a grandchild, so after they gave birth to their daughter, they kept on urging little Ding Sheng's second child. After having a second child, the Po family proposed to go to the hospital first to check whether it was a boy or a girl, if not a girl.

It is understood that Xiao Ding's mother-in-law and family bought a house for the couple in Yangzhou, but two thousand dollars in a row, so that Xiao Ding's status in the home plummeted. The mother-in-law's family became more and more harsh on Xiaoding, which made her feel exhausted.

Xiao Ding said that she could endure the pressure of her husband's attitude and take care of the pressure of the two children. But her husband's attitude towards her, and the treatment of two daughters in her husband's family, further aggravated their differences between husband and wife.

Xiao Ding thinks that if the third child is still a daughter, her status is still not improved; if it is a son, the two daughters may not be more caring, thinking about it, Xiao Ding decides not to be born. But the husband insisted on having third births. The helpless little Ding had to hide his husband and put on the birth control ring.

On the spot, Xiao Ding's attitude was very firm, but Xiao Zhang thought his wife's behavior made him lose face, kept urging her to go home, and the onlookers also helped to mediate. After knowing the story, the police criticized Xiao Zhang.

After mediation and persuasion, Xiao Zhang and Xiao Ding took two daughters out of the hospital, the contradiction and estrangement of the two people, and the people who had been looking at the people.

The press survey found that most families have no gender requirements for future generations; for male or female, and for several births, most male friends say that the attitude of the wife determines everything.

The lawyer said that the right to birth belongs to the personality right of the wife, and the right to personality is one of the most basic rights of a citizen. It should be guaranteed, and the right of personality is a kind of absolute right, and no one can prevent it from exercising.

Children are not women's obligations to marriage and men. This is the progress of the times and the highlight of the rule of law. All families should keep pace with the times.

Source: Yangzhou radio and television station

Editor in responsibility: Yu Pengfei

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