And the "Taiwan card"? The American Defense Authorization Act has been involved in several articles.

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Original title: "Taiwan card" again? The U. S. anti - authorization bill is involved in a number of contents

Overseas network, August 2, the United States Senate, 1, passed the national defense authorization act of fiscal year 2019, and still wanted to "do articles" on the Taiwan issue, and the Chinese side had already made a solemn negotiation to the United States. The bill contains a number of Taiwan related provisions, including the advocacy of strengthening Taiwan's military power, the promotion of so-called "joint training", the expansion of military sales, the promotion of the exchange of "United States" officials, and the proposal of the US defense minister to consider supporting the visit of the United States medical ship to Taiwan.

Advocating Taiwan's military strength and recommending medical vessels to visit Taiwan

According to Taiwan's "Central News Agency", the United States House of Representatives passed the bill by 359 votes to 54 in July 26th, and the Senate was also voted by 87 to 10 in August 1st. Now that the bill has been sent to the White House, President Trump will come into force after signing it.  

In terms of Taiwan, the 1257th article of the bill requires the United States Defense Minister to consult with the relevant departments of Taiwan and to carry out a comprehensive assessment of the Taiwan army, especially "reserve forces" and make suggestions to improve the "self-defense capability" of Taiwan. The provision also requires that the Secretary of defense, after consultations with the Secretary of state, must submit an overall assessment to the relevant congressional committees within one year of the bill, report the US assessment and recommendations, and the United States plan, including the expansion of the "United States and Taiwan military exchanges" and "joint military training", and support the US arms sales to Taiwan and the United States. His arms transfers, especially the development of asymmetric combat capability.

In addition, 1258th U.S. congressional views said that the US Secretary of defense should promote "the security exchange policy with Taiwan", including the opportunity for "field training and military exercises" with Taiwan, and to promote the exchange between senior defense officials of the United States and the general officials based on the so-called "Taiwan travel law". The provision also suggests that the United States Secretary of defense "should consider supporting American Medical ships to visit Taiwan" as part of the annual "Pacific Partnership" mission to improve disaster relief plans and preparedness and strengthen "US Taiwan" cooperation.

The final version removes "US military participation in the Taiwan military exercise".

Earlier, the United States Congress on 23 days of the draft "2019 fiscal year Defense Authorization Act" agreed on a number of contents involving China, including the strengthening of the "US Taiwan" defense relations, the study of China's "tough behavior" in the South China Sea.

On the 24 day, the United States Congress announced the full text of a negotiated version of the national defense authorization act of the fiscal year 2019, and the "congressional opinion" still strongly supported the arms sale to Taiwan and enhanced the defense capability of Taiwan, but the original version of the Senate, "the US Army should properly participate in the Taiwan military exercise, such as the annual 'Han Guang exercise'," to "promote the United States and the United States." Taiwan has the opportunity to engage in actual combat training and military exercises.

Inside the island: No "Taiwan independence" is more secure than holding the thigh of the United States.

In recent years, the United States has been playing the "Taiwan card" in the so-called "Taiwan US military exchanges". Wu Zhaoxie, the head of the foreign affairs department, was also busy "holding the thigh", and received an interview with CNN that Taiwan would not be able to resist the "force attack" of the Chinese mainland if the authorities lacked the military support of the United States. In fact, no matter how much the United States says "support Taiwan", the Taiwanese army has exposed the "lip service" of the United States. According to the Taiwan "China Times", according to the latest revised "Taiwan Strait defense combat plan", once the two sides of the Taiwan Straits "war to see each other", the Taiwan Peng Jinma defense operations are to rely on the Taiwan army, "the US Army does not provide one soldier and one."

Taiwan's "Wang Bao" commented on the 24 day that "no" Taiwan independence "is better than holding the thighs of the United States to ensure peace. The two most important factors to maintain peace in the Taiwan Strait are that Taiwan does not engage in "Taiwan independence" and the mainland needs a peaceful environment to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. The Taiwan joint newspaper also commented that Wu Zhaoxie's statement was more proof that the DPP had put Taiwan in security and placed it on the good will of the American willing to assist, but it was unknowns. "If we just want to rely on the United States instead of actively seeking to improve cross-strait relations, it is not the right way."

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses strong dissatisfaction and resolute opposition to the relevant articles concerning China.

For the relevant contents of the national defense authorization act of the 2019 fiscal year, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said in July 25th that the Chinese side expressed strong dissatisfaction and resolute opposition to the relevant terms related to China, and has made a solemn negotiation to the US side on this basis. If the relevant contents are passed into law, the mutual trust between China and the United States will be seriously damaged, the exchanges and cooperation between the two countries in relevant fields and the peace and stability of the Taiwan Strait will be damaged. We urge the United States to abandon the Cold War mentality and the outdated concept of zero-sum game, and immediately delete the negative content so as to maintain, rather than interfere with, the stable development of bilateral relations. (overseas network Jiang Shu translation)

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