10 years of illegal construction of 13 thousand and 700 square meters, Beijing Longquan Temple illegally built temple to attract attention

10 years of illegal construction of 13 thousand and 700 square meters, Beijing Longquan Temple illegally built temple to attract attention

Original title: 10 years of illegal construction of 13 thousand and 700 square meters building Beijing Longquan Temple illegally built temple to attract attention

The Dragon Spring Temple in Beijing, which attracts much attention from the outside world, is once again pulled into the whirlpool of public opinion.

In August 1st, a "major report" document was widely circulated, including a report on the illegal construction of the Longquan temple and the unidentified whereabouts of a huge amount of funds. The report said that from 2005 to the documents issued, all the buildings built by the Longquan Temple (including Germany and dust house, the residence hall, the sight hall, the north building, the East Building, the new teaching building, the new North building, the three Hui hall, etc.) are all illegal buildings.

Writer: there is no plan to publish to society

The document also disclosed the name and identity card number of two writers and the related resume. The two people received the doctorate of Tsinghua University in 2000 and 2003 respectively. They were shaving from the Longquan temple in Beijing and served as a post in the Longquan temple. One of the authors told the Daily Economic News that the documents were distributed to Buddhists and that they had no plans to publish them to the public.

The daily economic news reporter noted that the illegal buildings in Longquan temple in Beijing had been informed by law enforcement departments. Beijing City Management Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau in December 29, 2017 disclosed the "Beijing city Haidian District city management comprehensive administrative law enforcement supervision bureau (Beijing Longquan Temple)" said, Beijing Longquan temple, 2008 ~2016 years, in Beijing City, Longquan Temple Road 27 construction of 5 house total area of 13721.61 square meters, including 13721.61 square meters, including Sanhui Tang and the material circulation office, Yunshuitang, warehouse, teaching building and library have not obtained the construction project planning license according to law.

"Three Hui Tang and material circulation" was built in 2015, reinforced concrete structure, building area of 8019.29 square meters; "new Zhai hall" built in 2016, reinforced concrete structure, building area of 1236.77 square meters; "cloud water hall" built in 2008, brick wall, color steel roof, building area of 208.8 square meters; "Library Building "built in 2014, steel frame color steel structure, building area of 513.31 square meters;" teaching building and library "built in 2011, brick and mixed structure, building area of 3743.44 square meters.

The letter of disclosure affirms that the above behavior is suspected of violating the provisions of article fortieth, paragraph 1, of the urban and rural planning law of People's Republic of China. According to the provisions of the sixty-fourth article of the urban and rural planning law of People's Republic of China, the administrative organs will make a decision to deal with the Longquan Temple according to law.

But for the above rights notification, there is no progress notice for subsequent processing. Today, the daily economic news reporter called Haidian District City Management Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Supervision Bureau comprehensive scheduling section, consulting the construction of the relevant situation, the other staff said the area needs to consult Sujia Tuo team, reporters and Sujia Tuo team confirmed that the Longquan Temple No. 27 existed 5 illegal construction, the other said: "it is illegal" The reporter asked, "do you have any more?" The other side indicated that he needed to ask the members, and then the other side replied that the players had already been off duty and could not reply.

Tourist: there is no sign of dismantling in the near future

The daily economic news reporter has learned from a visitor to Longquan temple in Beijing recently that the Longquan temple has not been dismantled in the near future. Three Hui Tang and Yun Shui hall are still in normal opening.

At the same time, the Chinese government procurement network announced in June 29, 2018 that the people's Government of suttuo Town, Haidian District, Beijing, had a winning bid for the demolition of illegal construction projects in 2018, with a total winning bid of 24 million 395 thousand and 500 yuan. The demolition work includes the planned demolition of 117,600 square meters of brick-concrete structure, 9479.43 square meters of simple shed and 173,000 square meters of ground.

The Longquan temple was built in the first year of the Liao Dynasty. It has a history of more than one thousand years. In 1995, with the opening of Phoenix Valley scenic area, the local government and the relevant believers began to gradually restore the original appearance of the monastery. According to the article of the second issue of the Haidian Political Consultative Conference in 2014, Cai Qun, a member of the Haidian District CPPCC, has financed and restored Longquan Temple site in 2001 through its holding of Beijing grand circle Saint Hui Cultural and Art Co., Ltd., and introduced the reconstruction of the Taoyuan Taoist site in 2002, so that the Longquan temple and Taoyuan view are respectively named as the positive. A place of open religious activities. The article said Cai Qun "granted the right to manage the Longquan temple without compensation."

The official website of Beijing municipal government said that in April 11, 2005, the Longquan temple was officially opened to be a place for Buddhist activities, and invited the vice president and Secretary General of the Chinese Buddhist Association to study the work of the temple of the temple. "Under the guidance of the Shicheng master, the Longquan temple has taken a new step in the construction of the new monasteries, the cultivation of the outstanding monks and the guidance of the vast majority of the believers."

Longquan Temple official website introduced that he was born in Xianyou in Fujian in 1966, shaved under Dinghai Presbyterian in 1983, graduated from the Chinese Buddhist Institute in 1991 and received a master's degree. In 2010, he won the gold medal of the master peace of the guru gorge of Bangladesh. In 2004, the residents of the Longquan temple, which was rebuilt on the Phoenix Valley of Haidian District, were invited to preside over the Buddhist monks who had been rebuilt in the Phoenix Valley. The monks sent the monks to move in, gradually complete the construction of the temple water and warm infrastructure, and set up the monk's system of monks, such as the recitation, the peace, the money and the public, and the distribution of the monks.

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