The General Administration of market supervision: combating counterfeiting and selling counterfeit goods

The General Administration of market supervision: combating counterfeiting and selling counterfeit goods

Original title: again! The General Administration of market supervision: focusing on combating manufacturing and selling fake and shoddy commodities

China and the new warp and weft, August 2, 2, the State Administration of market regulation issued a notice on strengthening the efforts to crack down on counterfeiting and selling counterfeit and shoddy goods. It said that it would crack down on counterfeit and inferior goods including "famous brand", other trademark infringement, false propaganda and illegal advertising. Behavior is listed as a key target. It was further discovered that the upstream and downstream suspected of illegal production operators, and timely transfer of illegal clues to the relevant territorial regulatory authorities.

The notice pointed out that recently, the public opinion heated discussions on many shopping platforms suspected of selling infringing counterfeit goods. In order to effectively fulfill the regulatory responsibilities of the market regulatory authorities, protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and trademark owners, maintain a fair competition market order and secure and secure consumer environment, the following notice is given as follows:

One is to carry out the full chain strike. In the 2018 annual specific action deployed by the General Administration, it will be the key target to strike against illegal and counterfeit goods, other trademark infringement, related false propaganda and illegal advertising, including the "famous brand". Found the suspected major illegal clues, the production, sales and other related links to conduct a full chain of investigation and treatment. From the survey network trading platform (Web site), the local regulatory authorities can further discover the illegal production operators in the upper and lower reaches and transfer the illegal clues to the relevant regulatory authorities in time. The territorial supervision departments should be investigated one by one. They should be punished strictly according to the law and should be disclosed to the society in a timely manner.

The two is to play the role of social supervision. Local supervision departments should give full play to the role of media supervision, promptly accept and seriously investigate and deal with complaints and reports of trademark owners and consumers, increase the monitoring of relevant illegal advertisements, and expand the sources of relevant illegal clues through various channels.

The three is to carry out the responsibility of the main body of management. To supervise and urge the operators of the network trading platform to fulfill their legal obligations, to effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the owners and consumers of the trademark rights, and to actively cooperate with the market supervision departments to carry out relevant special governance. The network trading platform (website) that fails to fulfill its statutory obligations shall be strictly investigated and dealt with according to law.

The four is to strengthen department supervision and cooperation. We should give full play to the role of the joint meetings of the regulatory authorities of the network market. For those suspected of crimes, they should be transferred to the public security organs in time. (middle and new longitude and latitude APP)

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