Thai Deputy Prime Minister: Thai British extradition treaty effective, Yingla whether to return home still unknown

Thai Deputy Prime Minister: Thai British extradition treaty effective, Yingla whether to return home still unknown

Original title: Vice Premier Thailand: the Thai extradition treaty is still valid, and whether Yingla can return to China is unknown.

China and the new network, August 2, according to the world daily, Thailand, according to Thailand's "world daily" reported that Thailand Vice Premier Wishanu said that the mutual extradition of criminal treaty signed in 1911 is still valid, but can not be determined to be extradition of former Prime Minister Yingla to accept judicial trial.

Wishanu said that the British government's request for the repatriation of the former prime minister, Yingla, to accept the judicial decision, has been in the coordination of the Ministry of foreign affairs of Thailand, the State Police General Administration and the Supreme Procuratorate, and has not yet received a report on the progress.

It is reported that the Thai Foreign Ministry has served the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office with official documents and the trial and verdict of the case involving the former Prime Minister Yingluck.

The Treaty on the mutual extradition of criminals signed by the British is still unable to determine whether the former Prime Minister will be extradited to return. If the British side does not recognize the judicial decision of the Thailand, or classifies the verdict of Yingla as a political issue, the extradition required by the Thailand will be hindered by the legal provisions and offense between the state and the country. The standard of definition of crime is different.

In August 25, 2017, the Thailand government confirmed that Yingla had fled Thailand since it was scheduled to be postponed because of the inability to attend the Yingla rice purchase case. Later, when yingluck appeared in various parts of the world, the Thailand government had not confirmed its whereabouts.

On September 27, the Supreme Court of Thailand, in the absence of Yingluck, sentenced him to five years'imprisonment and issued an arrest warrant.

In June 21st of this year, Yingla had a 51 year old birthday. She posted on her social networking website page to thank her supporters for her birthday wishes. This is the first public voice of Yingla after leaving Thailand in August last year.


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