The latest "stove list" came first in the city.

The latest

Original title: the latest "stove list"! The first place in the city is the city

The hot weather across the country has lasted for more than half a month. The Central Meteorological Observatory has issued a high temperature warning for more than 10 consecutive days. And the extended version of dog days will last more than 20 days...

A few days ago, the big city "stove list" came out, the big cities all over the country who can "top the list"?

At present, in large cities above the provincial level, the top ten cities of this year's high temperature days are Chongqing, Xi'an, Hangzhou, Nanchang, Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Changsha, Tianjin, Hefei and Ji'nan. Chongqing, the top ranked number, has reached 31 days this year.

In spite of the weather forecast

Since August 1st, it has been raining in Chongqing

But the highest temperature is still maintained at 33 degrees Celsius.

Except Chongqing

The rest of the country is "passionate"

Zhu Guangquan of CCTV

It's all ridiculed in the program

When the weather goes out, you can be overflowing

The top is the steamer, and the following is the charcoal

You don't have to cover the pot, you're burning the wheat

No, you're the yolk pie


What's hot all over the country?

See how the netizen says:

@ bad words 1711: Xi'an feels 40 degrees.

This is very hot in Dandong this year. If you sit still, you will sweat all over. It's too hot.

@ Lin Li Xiaomeng: I used to think that Wuhan is really like a steamer and hot. Later, I went to Chongqing on a summer vacation, only to know that it was still hotter.

@ R of the indulgence ship: looking for sang Yu: how long will it take before the iron plate "human flesh" in South Fujian is ready?

@ LTsubasaYi: ripe, so big, so hot for the first time.

What about the high temperature?

North China's northeast is sultry.

Three days from the 1st, the north and northeast will continue to be high temperature, muggy degree Saijiangnan, part of the region is expected to break the extreme temperature. Affected by this, the supply of electricity in summer in some parts of the world has reached a record high, and the number of heatstroke patients in hospitals has increased. It is expected that the high temperature process will continue to about 5 days.

But the job of heatstroke is still to be done well

This summer strategy is well received!


The central weather station also issued a defense Guide:

1. Avoid the outdoor activities in the high temperature period in the afternoon as far as possible. Provide guidance for the elderly, the weak, the sick and the young, and take necessary protective measures.

2, the departments concerned should take precautions against fire caused by the excessive use of electric power and power equipment such as wires and transformers.

3, outdoor or high temperature operating personnel should take necessary protective measures.

4, pay attention to rest and rest time, ensure sleep, and prepare some commonly used sunstroke cooling drugs when necessary.

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