Our military special forces have held large-scale exercises. These two areas still have gaps with the US.

Our military special forces have held large-scale exercises. These two areas still have gaps with the US.

According to the 1 Daily newspaper of August, the Chinese people's Liberation Army (PLA) has completed a large-scale series of training exercises for the special operations force in Guilin, Guangxi, China, according to the August news report of the United States "national interest" bimonthly website.

It was reported that the training exercise called "special war -2018" was the first time that the PLA army had held this kind of activity for the purpose of assessing its special operational capability.

The report said that the PLA army officer in charge of the training told the Chinese military network that the assessment of the campaign included all the basic and compulsory training subjects of the PLA Army special operations force, which was the event sponsored by the People's Republic of China Central Military Commission and the Chinese people's Liberation Army News Media Center.

The picture shows the source of the special forces who participated in the army's special battle -2018.

Reports from China's military network said that during the 9 day assessment, the 870 special operations troops of the PLA army, including the command of the headquarters, the division command, the special operations division and the special operations, participated in the fierce competition in the 64 projects, including the interpretation of remote sensing images. Analysis, multiple weapons shooting and continuous special operations.

Reported that the Chinese military training exercises assessed the ability of troops and individuals. The Chinese military network reported that the army was focused on assessing and comparing the capabilities of the senior command and the use of special operations forces, the ability of the commanders to command special operations, the ability of the special operations troops to perform operational tasks, and the personal endurance, skills and intelligence of the special soldiers.

Dennis Blasco, a retired army officer, pointed out that China's special operations forces are quite different from those of the United States.

He wrote on the "war dilemma" website: "it is not surprising that the Chinese special operations forces are very different from the United States, and their ability is mostly similar to the American Army Rangers. In particular, China's special operations forces lack the professional support capability of the US Army.

"Much of the'US Special Operations Core'is not included in the operations of the PLA Special Operations Forces."

Blasco believed that one of the reasons for this was that the special combat forces of the PLA and the armed police force were developed from the scouts.

He said: "The Chinese Special Operations Force is a relatively'young'force, derived from the early reconnaissance forces."

"At the end of the 80s of last century, the Liberation Army and the armed police force set up the first special operations force, and gradually expanded the army in the whole 90s and after the new century. Special operations forces are regarded as "new forces" and give priority to the development of helicopter forces, light mechanized forces and "digital" forces.

According to the report, because of the initial reconnaissance troops, China's special operations forces often undertake direct action tasks. The focus of the Chinese media is also the physical ability of the military, not the technical expertise.

"Special soldiers and troops of the PLA and the armed police force have participated in training exercises jointly with foreign troops, special combat competitions and domestic training in foreign schools," Blass section said. China's special operations forces often achieve excellent results in international competitions.

"Therefore, China's special operations forces have demonstrated their capabilities in a variety of small-scale direct assault operations and reconnaissance missions."

However, there is still a certain gap between the Chinese special operations forces in carrying out the common tasks of the US special forces, such as the ability to carry out unconventional operations.

He said that although the PLA provides training for foreigners within the Chinese school system, it does not appear to have experienced overseas defense activities recently. (compiling / Zheng Guoyi)

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