The secretary who was deceived by the Central Committee was examined by the party.

The secretary who was deceived by the Central Committee was examined by the party.

Original title: digging into the heart of the Central Committee, the secretary was left to observe the party.

Source: Chang'an Avenue magistrate

The first batch of central environmental protection inspectors "look back" to the end of the work recently, the 6 inspectors have been in Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Henan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan, Ningxia, the 10 provinces to be inspectors and stationed. At present, the inspection teams have entered the stage of drafting the inspection report and sorting out the problem files, and arranged special personnel to keep a close eye on the local rectification situation.

With the deepening of the supervision, many perfunctory, pretend to rectify, and even deceive the inspection team emerged one by one, the view is shocking. On the other hand, the inspectors, on the other hand, made public and asked questions. The group looked back and solved the problems, compacted the responsibilities and made the people applaud.

Cao Yueting, the State Environmental Protection Inspector office, said in an interview with WeChat ID:Capitalnews (WeChat ID:Capitalnews) that next year, the second round of inspectors will be rolled out, and the central environmental inspector will also enter the deep water area.

A few days ago, the Ministry of ecological environment issued a statistical data, the first batch of "look back" during the period, the inspector group received a total of more than 4.5 million reports, with 51 provincial and above leaders and 89 key comrades in charge of the city to conduct individual talks, 4305 people.

This batch of "look back", the inspector group's main focus is the rectification of the central environmental inspection superintendent key issues. During this period, the Inspectorate found that some local governments' supervision and dereliction of duty and environmental awareness were lagging behind.

Compared with that, some of them are worse in nature and even falsely rectify.

The regulation of black and odorous water bodies is an important task of Guangdong's rectification plan. Small partners are familiar with is that Zhai Qing, deputy head of the Central Fifth Environmental Protection Inspection Group, had "look back" on the scene suggested that Shantou city leaders live in the stinky water ditch.

Cao Yueting told the governor that in fact, there were many similar cases. In order to fight against the inspection, there is a place to dig up and install aeration aerator in the upper section of the assessment to "brush data".

In June 14th, environmental inspectors arrived unexpectedly in Fengyi town and Erhai runoff area of Dali. The inspection team found a seal on the wall of a brick kiln in the quarry and deforestation. The date of the fall was also June 14th - even after the inspection group was stationed, the workshop was still unstopped, the air was filled with the smell of sulfur dioxide, and the machines were still hot.

If there are some typical cases, the supervision and inspection of local Party committees, governments and their functional departments are not effective, so that illegal production enterprises have made a hole. What is more, it is to deceive the inspectors and deliberately evade inspections.

In the yellow bamboo forest community in Zhaotong, the crowd reported the situation of illegal landfill. The inspector Group requested the local community general branch secretary Geng and Geng to take the road, and the latter was deliberately taken to another place. After the inspection group insisted on the local government to re check it, it was found that the real site was reported, and a large number of illegal landfills were found. Garbage!

Later, the secretary was given a year's disciplinary action.

From the first round of inspections in 2016 to the first batch of this year's "look back," the Central Environmental Protection Inspection brand has been sounded thoroughly. Recently, a group of data released by the Ministry of ecological environment showed that during the "look back", 6 inspectors received more than 3.8 million effective reports from the masses, and 2819 people were interviewed by the inspectors, and 4305 were asked to blame.

The crowd applauded and said, "look back, look at it." In fact, the reason why the masses were encouraged is that the environmental inspectors have solved the practical problems around them.

Cao Yueting told the Chang'an Avenue ID:Capitalnews (the WeChat) that it was a close eye to the masses and always put the things of the people in their minds.

The 6 inspectors, he said, should sort out the problem clues from nearly a thousand letters and calls every day, concentrate the problem of 5, 6 pages of paper into a 200 word exchange list, feed back to the local limit and rectify and rectify the results by "one net one network" to the masses at any time. In response to repeated reports of key star issues, the Inspectorate group should also focus on the supervision and supervision of the site.

"Environmental supervision, if the people lose their care and support, it is very difficult to go down, it is to adhere to the edge of the public to the public, get the support of the masses, more ground, more influence and penetration." Cao Yueting said. It is not difficult to find that the ecological environment is nothing small, reflecting the problem, can see the action quickly, is the result that the common people are most willing to see.

In addition, one of the features of this "look back" is that it is open at the side of the inspector. During the inspection period, more than 50 typical cases are open, and the problem of seeking truth from facts is pointed out.

Reform and accountability are equal, like the double wing of a biaxial bird, which compacts the responsibility. "Things that were not solved in the past few years, the inspector group settled after one or two days and reflected some problems." Before that, the area that disagrees with the ecological environment is now moving.

Although there are only 10 provinces in "looking back", the impact is nationwide. Sichuan is not the first batch of "look back", but the provincial environmental protection inspector group, with the central inspector group, almost went back to the province in the same period to carry out "look back"; the first environmental protection inspector group in Gansu Province, recently also stationed in Lanzhou to carry out environmental supervision...

"Looking back" gives the local government a clear signal: environmental inspectors are not temporary.

Cao Yueting revealed that, in the near future, the Ministry of ecological environment will form the first "look back" final report to the State Council, and will carry out the second "look back" in the year. Next year, it will take about 3 years to complete the second round of the central environmental protection inspector's full coverage.

Compared with the first round of inspection to solve the imminent ecological and environmental problems, the next time, the inspector group will focus on solving the problem of ecological environment, improving the quality of the ecological environment and promoting the development of the high quality of the economy. It will tamp the political responsibility of the construction of ecological civilization and the protection of the ecological environment, and will focus on the key point of winning the fight against pollution prevention and control. In the field, we should organize the mobile and spot inspection special inspectors in different provinces, go straight to the problem, seriously accountability, and strengthen deterrence.

Environmental inspectors are also entering the deep water area. The future results will be more promising.

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