Trump calls for an end to the "Russian gate" investigation.

Trump calls for an end to the

Original title: Trump appealed to the US Department of justice to stop the "through Russia gate" investigation.

In August 2nd, American president Trump called on Sessi, the United States attorney general, to stop the "pass through Russia" survey on social media in August 1st. The White House said on the same day that Trump's position was not to give orders, but to express his views.

According to the website of the Lianhe Zaobao in Singapore on August 2nd, Trump once again called the "political persecution" in the "tween" survey in "tweet", and thinks that he should stop the investigation before it further disgraces the United States. He also criticizes the special prosecutor Miller's investigation in a paradoxical place. A survey disgraced America.

Trump has repeatedly criticized the "Russian gate" investigation with political purposes. In the near future, he directed the spearhead directly to the Miller team and commissioned his investigator to behave unreasonably. However, Trump has rarely publicly appealed to the US Department of justice to stop its investigation.

It is reported that Trump's appeal to stop the "tween gate" survey has triggered a strong complaint from the Democratic Party members of the United States, which they think is a direct evidence of Trump's intervention in judicial justice.

It is reported that most of the Republican members are in favor of the "Russian gate" investigation, which should be conducted as usual. Republican Senator Kirk said on the same day that if Trump takes action against Miller, it is bound to lead to chaos.

But Saunders, a White House spokesman, said at a regular press conference on 1 days that Trump's statement in "tweet" was not a command, but a personal view. This was not an intervention in judicial justice.

Saunders said that Trump has expressed many times and hopes to see the "Tong - Russia gate" investigation can end as soon as possible. He also criticized the lack of fairness in the "Tong - Russia gate" investigation.

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