It's so deceptive to lend 5000 yuan to a suite of apartments.

It's so deceptive to lend 5000 yuan to a suite of apartments.

Original title: "lend 5000 yuan to others, I can stutter one mouthful of his suite, and he can't sue me for a lawsuit." How is the way loan cheats?

Reader: Many people have seen "no collateral, no matter qualifications, quick lending" ads or received calls to promote loans.

Some people who are in urgent need of money may believe it or even borrow money directly.

Without thinking, it is possible to encounter "routine loan".

In the course of a normal loan, set a lot of ways. Once you borrow only one money from them, you have to be in a near legal way to sweat the last drop of blood.

It is not a joke that "routine loans, deep loans, eight hundred loans, and villas".


Five thousand, the court decided to repay three million.

Recently, a lawyer's friend told a thing about it.

It was amazing and angry.

The hero of the event is called Yuan Jiang.

More than 30 years old, engaged in the IT industry,

He has a better family condition.

There is no guard against the heart,

Still more timid...

On one occasion, Yuan Jiang's Bank credit card had several thousand yuan vacancies.

He did not want to borrow from his relatives and friends.

As a result, "foreign aid" was sought.

But who should I borrow?

He thought of a small ad

"ID card loans, fast loans, low interest rates, unsecured".

So he contacted a small loan company.

Subsequently, salesman A agreed with him to meet.

Discuss the loan.

But after the agreed place,

Yuan Jiang found something wrong.

He had only wanted to borrow 5000 yuan,

But A, the salesman, said,

There must be 10 thousand of the loan amount on the bill.

After the expiration, only 5000 yuan and its interest should be paid.  

But Yuan Jiang thinks,

The amount of money marked in a black paper.

It's not the same as the reality.

It is not appropriate.

When he was doubtful about it,

The loan company that is willing to provide timely help.

All of a sudden it became evil.

Originally, salesman A also brought other employees:

Salesman B, C, D.

They claim that the debit is a practice,

And if Yuan Jiang asked them not to lend money,

It is playing them, and they will be beaten.

On the one hand, it's really short of money.

On the other hand, it was also terrified by this situation.

Yuan Jiang had to sign a loan.

The loan company transfers 10 thousand yuan to his account.

And then he took out 5000 dollars in cash

To the salesman A.

After a period of time,

The repayment period has arrived.

When Yuan Jiang was returning 5000 yuan to borrow,

The lending company suddenly changed,

He asked him to follow the bill,

Return 10 thousand yuan.

Yuan Jiang can't get so much money at a time.

The previous salesman said that

It can be done by finding new lender.

That is to say,

The new lender will write a new debt to Yuan Jiang.

The previous debt is also included in it.

So, the salesman B came to the salesman C,

C said he was willing to borrow 10 thousand yuan from Yuan Jiang.

Ten days after a payment of 30 thousand yuan.

In the same day, the Bank of Yuan's Bank remitted 30 thousand yuan.

Yuan Jiang was accompanied by B and C.

10 thousand yuan was taken by B,

20 thousand yuan was taken by C.

This time the Yuan river has not been written.

"Debt" has turned into 30 thousand.

Later, after more than 10 so-called "balancing accounts",

The more Yuan Jiang's arrears are rolling,

He has a real "loan" of more than ten thousand

But the borrowings on the loan,

It was changed from 5000 yuan to about 20000000 at the earliest oral agreement.

He himself was unable to repay huge sums of money.

Employees are often restricted by their employees' freedom.

It is not uncommon to abuse and beat.

The loan company even got his property certificate and account book.

It has been notarized for the sale of the house.

The plan is to sell the house to counteract its debt.

A notary office is also a loan company and Yuan Jiang

Issued a notarization letter of the creditor's right documents.

And all this,

All received the support of the court,

The court ordered Yuan Jiang to perform

"The obligations established in the legal document",

The payment is 3 million yuan.

A house under Yuan Jiang's name,

It was also sold by the court's judicial auction.

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"Loan eight hundred, villas"

It's not just talking about it.

Later, Yuan Jiang and his parents reported to the local public security organs.

The local public security bureau decided

Yuan Jiang was put on file for investigation.

With the cancellation of registration and a number of false notaries,

Things have gradually changed.

But the nightmare experience,

But it makes people feel terrible.


People all over the country were kidnapped successfully by "routine loan".

To borrow money from the beginning to the end,

Yuan Jiang is always "set up".

The routines can even win the case.


That is, criminals are under the guise of private lending.

Through the "false contract",

"Forged bank flowing water",


"False lawsuits" and other "routines",

The borrower's debt is increased.

Encroach on the property of the victim.

In order to achieve the goal,

There are many ways of "routine loan".

For example,

One of the victims was old Pang,

After he borrowed money from the loan company,

Experience a lot of profits,

It's not up yet.

At this time,

The lending company is very generous to stand out and say,

You see, you borrow more and more money from us.

We dare not lend you any.

You go to the bank and get a loan.

After the loan, we have returned the debt here.

Out of a hundred,

Interest I give you less.

At this time, Lao Pang was as anxious as an ant on a hot pot.

His own income is not high,

It's not possible to borrow so much money from the bank.

At that time, the lending company jumped out and said "special loyalty".

I know you don't worry about it, it doesn't matter.

Let's pack it for you!

You can apply for a loan after the packing is finished.

What is the packing method?

The lending company said,

We pack you into a business man.

600 thousand in the Bank of your bank.

And then you take it out and return it to us.

You're going to get a loan with the bank.

There is water that proves that you have the ability to repay.

So you can borrow it.

On the day of a good transfer,

The old Pang went alone.

I just got into the car of the loan company.

The salesman took out a printed note.

Say we're 600 thousand, too.

You have to sign a word just in case.

You'll give us the money back in a moment.

We tore the loan.

The old Pang agreed, and signed it.

The clerk of the loan company drives to the bank.

Send a man to accompany old Pang Jin bank,

Take out 600 thousand cash bags.

After getting on the car, old Pang returned the money to the salesman.

The clerk takes a loan,

Without looking at Lao Pang, he would tear it out of the window.

The car went on for a long time.

Just let old Pang get off.

Until a month later,

Lao Pang received a summons from the court,

I saw 600 thousand of the ious placed in the files.

I realized I had been cheated.

Such victims are everywhere.

Some just do business and need a turnover fund.

The loan is only 30 thousand yuan,

In a year, it became 8 million yuan.

Some are just to satisfy their consumption needs.

The same borrowings of 30 thousand yuan,

The actual hand is only 6000 yuan...

The unimaginable events,

Behind the scenes is a crime of illegal profit making in the name of lending.

The silent "kidnapping" of the north and south of the river

People of all ages and professions,

When they were light, they were incongruity to a large amount of money.

The weight is lost.

Even to be forced to commit suicide.


The law pays attention to evidence, but the liar has the perfect evidence chain.

The story of a former trader.

Others call him "old gold".

Of course, now he has been locked up in the detention center.

It is known from his mouth.

The "set of loans" can be used repeatedly.

It is because it has formed a huge industrial chain behind it.

Not only can they succeed in getting some people to do it,

It can also create a perfect chain of evidence.

You can't win even if you have a lawsuit.

It looks very difficult,

How do you do it?

Old king said,

They have a set of their own workflows.

Just follow this,

No matter how ordinary you are,

All can succeed in deceive others.

This process is summed up in the industry terms:

"Search for harmony is not peace."

The first step - "search",

It is to find "broiler",

"Broilers" are their names for deceived people.

It means "slaughtering".

Who is the "broiler"?

A small boss who is in urgent need of capital turnover.

College students who want to go ahead

Or an eager gambler...

Old king said they even studied it.

The character characteristics of "broiler" are:

Little knowledge, no strong will, weak face.

It's better to have no former people,

Because these people are in good control.  

The credentials and qualifications of these people

Basically, it does not conform to the loan conditions of the bank,

Embarrassed or reluctant to borrow from relatives and friends.

If you want to spend money, you will probably find a small loan company.

Know who you should be looking for,

The next thing is to "take what is good".

Attract their success.

Lao Jin says that every company that makes "routine loan" is

It is a regular company that is legally registered.

And there are usually cool websites and APP,

There are a lot of suit and revolutionary staff,

There is no difference from the wearing of Lujiazui's financial elite.

In addition, there must be some moving advertisements.

For example, those who have problems with college students or credit reporting,

Just tell him, "no qualification, no matter black and white, no mortgage."

For a house, a car,

But I don't want to go to the small boss of the bank's complicated program.

Tell him, "there is a car second loan 500 thousand,"

There is room second loan 1 million ",

Such advertisements are all through the phone

Or small cards spread out,

Just to be hooked.

Aren't they afraid they can't afford it?

Lao Jin said that the rate of bad debt is still a bit.

But compared with a high rate of return,

They have little risk.

What they really worry about is,

No one is hooked.

The second step - "harmony",

We must try to get "legal evidence" as far as possible.

Lao Jin said, to find their loan,

One is that it is really urgent to use money.

Two is not to understand

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