758 insured persons are still pensioners after death, and 47 responsible persons are held accountable.

758 insured persons are still pensioners after death, and 47 responsible persons are held accountable.

Original title: 758 insured people are still in the pension after death, 47 responsible persons were asked to blame.

Guangxi News Network - the news of the South China present news, "Qin Yongshu was the Secretary of the general Party branch of Gump village in the small Pingyang town of Xingbin district. During the work of assisting the people's Government of small Pingyang town to carry out the pension insurance of urban and rural residents, they did not perform their duties according to the regulations and promptly collected, checked and reported the death information of the insured persons. From 2014 to the present, a total of 18 insured persons continue to receive pensions after death, involving a total of 27,315 yuan. Qin Yongshu was punished by the party warnings. "

This is a case that the supervisory committee of the Discipline Inspection Commission of Xingbin District of Laibin City recently reported that the deceased continue to receive pension because of the inadequate performance of the Party branch secretary.

Recently, the Laibin City Xingbin District Commission on Discipline Inspection Committee inspecting the basic old-age insurance work of urban and rural residents in Xingbin District, found that between 2012 and June 2018, 758 members of the 24 townships in Xingbin district were still insured by 745 thousand yuan after their death. For the purpose of Zheng Feng Su, the discipline supervision committee of Xingbin district has now been responsible for 47 responsible persons, of which 46 were examined and 1 of the commandments were talked, and 12 people were criticized, reminding and rectify the time limit. The pensions that have been recovered more than 705 thousand yuan.

Since this year, the Xingbin district has implemented the "12 - 15" small special sword regulation. That is, the discipline inspection and supervision group of 15 dispatched (out) inspection and supervision groups will analyze and study the risk areas of the key departments in the field of poverty alleviation, and study and formulate a special renovation plan for the project funds in the field of poverty alleviation. After the implementation of the unified organization, the 12 months of the year are targeted to focus on the implementation of 1 minor special renovation, and promote the special management of corruption and style in the poverty alleviation field.

The "dead person's pension" is one of the "12. 15" small sword campaign. The special action is made up of 4 inspector groups, such as the Social Security Bureau of Xingbin District Commission for Discipline Supervision and the Social Security Bureau of Xingbin District, and the support of Poverty Alleviation Office in Xingbin District, which revolve around the rectifying and rectifying the problem of pension insurance by the suspected deaths found by the eleven Autonomous Region Party committees in the field of mobile tour of the poverty alleviation area. In the same way of visiting and visiting, through the examination of the account information of the special verification and cleaning work in Xingbin District, and on the spot, 1-2 suspected dead people in the inspected townships (towns) continue to receive the form of the old-age insurance family. Further investigation and disposal work.

During the small special supervision operation, the Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Xingbin District Committee also inspected the poor households of the township (town) filing cards for the old-age insurance of the employees, the dependents and the institutions and institutions, and found that they enjoyed the pension insurance of the employees of the enterprises, the single pension insurance of the organs and enterprises or the treatment of the survivors. A total of 313 poor households, 91 poor households which were not eligible, were excluded from the poor households, with a total of 394 poor households, 36 low-income households and 11 households, and 5 examination cases, and 22 people were given critical education and 22 warnings.

Source: Guangxi News Network

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