There are many new improvements in Liaoning warship maintenance. The windows have been demolished.

There are many new improvements in Liaoning warship maintenance. The windows have been demolished.

Since the return of Liaoning to Dalian, its maintenance and maintenance dynamics have been paid attention to. Earlier, some experts pointed out that this return plant will be improved in response to the deficiencies found in the training.

Back to the factory of the Liaoning aircraft carrier

Since the entry of Liaoning last month to the dock, the parallel docking with the homemade carrier has become a new visual spot. The dock has been used by the domestic aircraft carrier from the sea trial.

According to the latest network pictures on the day of the army day, we can see that in addition to the removal of the three coordinate radar at the top of the first mast, the ship island was filled with scaffolding, especially the window part of the cab, which was reformed to the same size as the homemade carrier, which would be more conducive to the observation of the sea level. The windows of the rear aviation bridge have also been dismantled and synchronized cutting will be carried out.

The window of the cab was re cut

Liaoning, after all, was designed by the former Soviet Union in the 1980s, and observably designed smaller windows based on its naval habits. During the modification of Liaoning in Dalian, there was no experience of aircraft carrier in China, so the window was not reformed.

The original size was smaller

However, through the use of the experience after the service of Liaoning and the application of the latest human machine environment simulation system design technology, the defects are found. After the domestic carrier is launched, the windows on the bridge are cut, the size and the combination style are optimized. And Liaoning, with the help of the repair in the factory, has also become a reasonable transformation. After all, this is a practical experience exchanged for 6 years in service. These new improvements reflect the wisdom of the use of the Chinese aircraft carrier. (the author signed: beacon fire monarch)

The windows of the rear air bridge have also been disassembled

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