Women's online scrambled virtual areca nearly $130 thousand overnight.

Women's online scrambled virtual areca nearly $130 thousand overnight.

Original Title: Kunming Women's Participation in Stir-frying Virtual Betelnut Overnight Nearly 130,000 Yuan Drifted in Water Feels Styled and Multidimensional Rights Wuhua Police has filed a case

Zhao and customer service personnel WeChat chat screenshots

The report of the Wuhua police on filing a case

There is a professional guidance teacher, equipped with professional analysts one to one service, an accidental investment, let Ms. Zhao experience the feeling of VIP. Ms. Zhao would not have thought that investing 199 thousand yuan in the online "virtual areca" would make her evaporate nearly 130 thousand yuan overnight. The money for investment has been wasted. Zhao thought it was a strange WeChat that made her pit miserable. At present, the Wuhua branch of Kunming Public Security Bureau has filed a case investigation for Ms. Zhao.

Open an account

Strange WeChat actively greetings friends and introduce the project.

Two years ago, Ms. Zhao fell in love with speculation, and fired for over a year, losing a lot of money.

One day last June, a strange micro signal added Ms. Zhao as a good friend. "Do you go to work today?" What kind of work do you do? " The strange net friend gave her the cold. "You ask what these do, I do not know you, I do sales work." Obviously, Ms Zhao has some antipathy towards this strange netizen.

But despite the resentment, the message of greeting is always coming every day. For a long time, Ms Zhao gradually accepted that the two people chatted frequently.

"I am watching the market, there is a spot sale project, the government's support is very great." The unfamiliar netizens began to promote the project to Ms. Zhao, and also pushed a APP to Ms. Zhao.

Miss Zhao did not think much about downloading the APP, called "Hainan bulk spot client".

Next, faced with this financial investment project, Ms Zhao began investing.

Miss Zhao remembered that she would not register at the beginning, and the other side arranged a special person to instruct her to open an account. Last August 1st, she used her identity information to open an account on the APP. 3 days after the opening of the account, according to the bank account provided by the other party, Ms. Zhao remittances to the "Hainan commodity trading center limited liability company" for 10 thousand yuan, and then remittances of 189 thousand yuan to the same account again.


A full money point has gone up and the money is lost at a time.

Opened the door, played the money, but this investment game how to play, Zhao is still in the clouds. However, such worries are "a bit redundant". When the money arrives, the other side is equipped with a professional investment analyst for Ms. Zhao.

On September 28 last year, Ms. Zhao received a call from an investment analyst, Mr. Gu. According to the other party's instructions, Ms. Zhao purchased "virtual betel nut" with all her money.

Miss Zhao still remembered that her virtual location was 1269.

On the second day after the purchase, analysts told Ms Zhao to sell the "virtual areca" early next morning. Miss Zhao did, and she remembered that the spot number on that day was 1429.

It is reasonable to say that Ms. Zhao should make money when the point rose, but what Ms. Zhao never expected was that she lost nearly 130,000 yuan because the point rose.

Seeing that the money in the account evaporated nearly 130 thousand yuan, Ms. Zhao hurriedly called the customer service telephone to inquire. The answer was, "Everything is normal," because Ms. Zhao bought "down", so the point rose, Ms. Zhao had to lose money.

According to the rules of the game, such a statement seems reasonable. Under the guidance of analysts, Zhao played two more, one time earned more than 1000 yuan, and the other was still a deficit. For a long time, Zhao's account was only 7 yuan.

Ms. Zhao feels that he may be "set", she feels that such a mode of operation without third party supervision is not fair, APP is the platform of the Private Companies, and the control has the final say.

Ms. Zhao hurried to the bank for help. After more than a week's efforts, more than 70 thousand yuan of her account was recovered.

Safeguarding rights

The company has no future business qualification, Wuhua police have filed for investigation.

What about the nearly 130 thousand yuan of evaporation? Does the "Hainan commodity trading center" and its member unit "Hainan Hui Long commodity Limited company" have the qualification of spot and futures management approved by the SFC?

Ms. Zhao opened the road to power. She has traveled to Hainan many times, and has also been reflected to the relevant departments in Beijing. From the written reply of the China Securities Regulatory Commission to Ms. Zhao, the above trading centers and companies are not futures trading sites or futures trading institutions approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission.

In May 10th of this year, the Hainan provincial public security department made a written reply to Ms. Zhao's situation, saying that the electronic trading software used by the trading center and the company network to carry out the areca spot transaction has not been identified by the information security level.

Ms. Zhao said that in the maintenance of rights, the above trading center proposed a refund in accordance with her loss of 6, and Ms. Zhao disagreed with such a solution and reported the case to the public security organ in Hainan. Ms. Zhao said that under the mediation of the police, the other side proposed to return her more than 100,000 yuan according to the loss of 85 percent, there are still more than 19,000 yuan has not been recovered.

Yesterday, reporters from the "Hainan commodity trading center" official website found customer service telephone, dial after no answer. According to the telephone provided by Ms. Zhao, the reporter called the analyst of Valley surname, and the phone could not be connected. A staff member of Liu surnamed who is responsible for directing Ms. Zhao's account has been shut down.

Recently, Ms. Zhao reported her fraud to Wuhua Branch of Kunming Public Security Bureau, which has filed a case for investigation.

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