The Chinese tower has the fastest rate of inclusion in the FTSE index in August 14th.

The Chinese tower has the fastest rate of inclusion in the FTSE index in August 14th.

Sina Technologies News on the morning of August 2, according to the Hong Kong Economic Daily reported that this year the world's highest-funded new shares - China Tower Chuan set out the preliminary allocation principle. Market information indicates that the tower has been subscribed by 45 thousand people, and about 12 thousand of them have bought one hand (2000 shares).

It is reported that the open sale part of the tower is only 0.3 times overbought, the goods are not very difficult, the underwriting group intends to try to meet the A group of smaller investors as far as possible, a few large households to draw lots by drawing lots; the B group adopts "everyone has a share".

The proposed limit of HK $1.26 is HK $54 billion 300 million

In addition, following the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (00388), the tower was granted millet treatment, allowing stock futures, options, short selling and even warp trading on the day of listing. FTSE, the international index company, also announced that the tower meets the fast inclusion benchmark and will be included in the FTSE Global Stock Index as soon as it closes on August 14.

However, rich and continuous, according to the tower issue price, or can not be as fast as millet (01810) as fast into the rich China 50 index, will depend on its first day market price to make a judgment. FTSE added that if the listed value of Chinese stocks meeting the requirements of stock selection is higher than that of the 20th largest component, they will be quickly incorporated into the FTSE China 50 index.

Foreign news means that the tower will be priced at HK $1.26, with a fund of about HK $54 billion 300 million, which failed to exceed HK $59 billion 200 million on September 2016 (01658). It is still the eighth largest fund collector in Hong Kong stocks, and is also higher than the millet listed last month. The tower, funded by three mainland Telecom operators, will officially announce its distribution results next Tuesday (August 7) and be listed on the motherboard the following day (August 8).


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