Hong Kong media said China promoted the sale of tanks, chariots and other weapons by hosting international military competitions.

Hong Kong media said China promoted the sale of tanks, chariots and other weapons by hosting international military competitions.

According to Hongkong's Asia Times website, 31 daily in July, the "international military competition -2018" is being carried out. In addition to a series of events and activities, the PLA is also ready to sell UAVs, armored vehicles and tanks to the opponents of the military competition.

The report said that in July 29th, the international military competition, known as the "military Olympics", was officially launched in a training field in Korla, the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. The competition includes the simulated battle between the troik cars and the simulated air defense missile contests. 358 soldiers from the people's Liberation Army and 358 troops from Russia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Iran. China's hosting events will last until August 11th, which is part of the international military competition sponsored by Russia.

The picture shows the Chinese and Belarus teams participating in the international military competition using 86A infantry chariots.

The people's Liberation Army sent tanks, rocket launchers and direct -9 and -10 armed helicopters, and carried out large-scale live firing exercises at the opening ceremony of the 29 day.

On the same day, the international military competition held by the PLA Navy was also opened in Quanzhou, the coastal city of Fujian Province in southeastern China. All teams will use amphibious warfare weapons made in China.

It is reported that China's arms sales department and military trade enterprises have great expectations for the sale of weapons, because all foreign teams except Russia will use the 86A infantry chariot and other weapons made in China.

Most of the participating countries are potential buyers of Chinese and Russian weapons, the report said. The international military competition may lead to business opportunities, as military and military experts from Eastern and Central Asian countries try to make weapons and equipment in China under similar actual circumstances, weighing the quality and effectiveness of the products, which are a small part of the price of the United States and Europe.

The people's Liberation Army has invited all foreign military officials to attend a seminar in Beijing after the competition, when the Chinese defense contractor will show the latest product, the report said.

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