My 05 step chariot became a "high-end car" in the eyes of the Russian army.

My 05 step chariot became a

According to the science and Technology Daily reported in August 2nd, "international military competition - 2018" sea landing project in Fujian stone lion after the opening of the race, China's type 05 caterpillar amphibious walking vehicle immediately aroused the media attention. Russian soldiers praised the chariot provided by China and used the word "high-grade" to describe it.

The first public appearance of the 05 type amphibious troik was the 60th anniversary parade in New China in October 1, 2009. It was one of the important weapons of the Chinese people's Liberation Army Marines. Because of its fast water surface speed, it was called "sea surcharge" by the vast majority of the army fans.

Professor Wang Qun, a think tank of the national defense science and technology strategy of National University of Defense Technology, told Science and Technology Daily reporter: "the" international military competition "sea landing project has been held more than once, in 2015 'Caspian horse', China's 05 amphibious walking chariot won the scene with high 'Yan value' and super performance. Gao's "look back" and achieved excellent results. Before this game, the news spokesman and the vice chief of the Chinese Marine Corps deputy chief of staff, Chen Weidong, answered questions by reporters, and pointed out that all the teams used the weapons, ammunition and equipment provided by the Chinese side. The rules of the game determine that the participating countries must use the amphibious combat vehicles in China. "

"At the same time, the Type 05 amphibious infantry vehicle in the control is also very affinity, its driving is simple, convenient and very humane." Wang Qun said, "from the feedback from other participating countries and the media pictures, it is equipped with a multifunction dashboard with a full LCD display with multiple control buttons on the steering wheel. Basically, as long as you can drive a car, you have the conditions to operate the Type 05 amphibious infantry, to facilitate the participants to start, further enhance the fairness of the game.

According to media reports, it is a very easy thing to teach these foreign soldiers to open the 05 style, such as the Russian delegation's officers and soldiers only took 1 days to master the driving skills of the car. In this regard, even the Russian Red Star TV reporters also praise.

Wang Qun said that amphibious combat vehicles should be mainly powered, protective and firepower. At present, the main amphibious combat vehicles in the world are generally relatively low in speed. The first generation of amphibious tram in China, that is, the 63 type amphibious armored vehicle is only about 15 kilometers per hour, and the second generation of amphibious amphibious chariots in China can reach about 40 kilometers per hour, greatly shortening the exposure time of the shoal landing and improving the speed of the flats, so that it is enough to be proud of the world.

In the past, Russia used BTR-80 armored vehicle. It was an amphibious armored vehicle developed by the Soviet Union in the 80s of last century. According to some data, the maximum speed of BTR-80 armored transport vehicle is only 9 km/h, less than a quarter of the type 05 amphibious infantry vehicle.

"The Russian BTR-80 has a faster land speed because it is a wheeled chariot, but on the surface of the water, the speed of our 05 amphibious paces is much faster." He said.

The 05 amphibious paces used large front skiping boards and hydrofoil taxiboards. It was through them that the lift was created in the water to lift the body off the surface of the water to reduce the resistance of navigation and to achieve high water speed. At the same time, the vehicle also uses two waterjet thrusters, which can easily turn or even reverse in the water, and the maneuverability is very good.

Wang Qun introduced the same design as the United States AAAV advanced amphibious assault vehicles, and the media said that China's 05 amphibious walking chariot learned from the AAAV-7 design concept, its design water speed reached 46 kilometers. The AAAV assault vehicle was renamed "EFV" in September 10, 2003. However, due to high technical indicators and high costs, it eventually died.

"In addition, the 05 amphibious amphibious chariot integrates an improved 1500 horsepower and high power engine with 99 main battle tanks, so its power is very strong, which makes it redundant in design, such as making armor more thick and more powerful, and configuring a fire control computer, navigator, night vision, and laser measurement. The advanced electronic equipment such as distance meter is very strong in digitalization and information acquisition. These all add a lot to it. " Wang Qun said, "this design has made it more amphibious and landing than the first generation of amphibious chariots in our country, and it is also an advanced level in the world."

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