Syria war, the best advertisement for Russian cruise missiles, has been promoted to India Vietnam.

Syria war, the best advertisement for Russian cruise missiles, has been promoted to India Vietnam.

In the Syria civil war, the Russian naval fleet not only fought against a strong NATO Navy in the Mediterranean, but also was directly involved in actual combat. The launch of a "calibre" cruise missile attacked the targets of the Syrian territory. Most of the Russian new frigates launched the "caliber" cruise missiles were not large, or even some of them were not. A thousand tons, although the ocean voyage is poor, but its weaponry is extremely powerful and characteristic, though, these light frigates, which are cheap but capable of remote attack, are still regarded as a sign of the decline of the Russian Navy: the Russian navy has gradually turned into a yellow water navy, and the capability of ocean warfare is sharp. Drop.

At the end of the Russian naval ship, the Russian navy, although the Russian navy has tried to display a series of warships, submarines and naval aviation equipment, still shows a strong evening, without sufficient economic strength to create a strong maritime force. After all, the Navy needs to continue. People who have a lot of common sense will understand that this is a bullshit.

Recently, the Russian government's deputy prime minister in charge of the military industry, Yuri Borisov, said Russia was willing to export the 22800 multifunction missile craft, equipped with a "caliber" cruise missile. "These missile ships have been successfully designed and equipped with good weapons, especially the calibre cruise missiles that have been tested in actual combat. I think it has good export potential for many countries, especially for Vietnam, China, India and other Pacific countries.

Borisov admits that even with the relatively cheap equipment, the Russian army has not been able to outfit enough funds and, under insufficient domestic demand, has to export to support the present Russian military industry, and there have been many military industries under heavy sanctions against the United States and the European Union. The key military industry enterprises are on the brink of bankruptcy, and the Russian government needs to help them, but it can only save the emergency. If we want to develop well, we must develop foreign exports.

Russian - made missile boats equipped with a "caliber" cruise missile, or a light frigate, are attractive to countries like India and Vietnam. After all, the 2500 kilometer cruise missile, which has a maximum range, has a strong deterrent capability, but for China its attractiveness is very limited and the Chinese navy has its own equipment. There are great differences between the cruise missiles and the Russian system of "caliber". However, in order to make money and export the "caliber" to some countries, Russia is likely to disrupt the balance of the situation. Of course, this is not the first time that Russia has done so. (authorship: Hawk Eye defense)

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